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Computers are being used In almost every medical institute, hospitals and are vastly used in the whole chains of the pharmacy reversion, beginning from the manufacturing sector all the way to community pharmacy. That is the reason why this age Is called the era of IT. The pace of pharmacy industry in Malaysia has been growing gradually in align with the growing population. The development of Pharmacy has been systematic since 1 986 when the Drug Control Authority (DACCA) is established.

The administration of pharmacy sectors has gone through many changes since the Introduction of computer Into the industry and the changes in related to the use of computer is expected to be more drastic after the implementation of SST (Good and Service Tax). In Malaysia, Pharmacy can be branched into several sectors, namely the pharmaceutical manufacturer, pharmaceutical wholesaler, academic pharmacy, clinical Pharmacy, hospital pharmacy and community or retail pharmacy.

Like any other trades in Malaysia; pharmacy profession in all sectors depends a lot on the usage of computer for efficiency in their administrative system. Let us break down the different phantom sectors and examine how each of these sectors is being affected by the use of computer. Pharmaceutical manufacturing Industry Pharmaceutical companies in Malaysia are doing very well and there are growing signs that the future of pharmaceutical Industry can do even better. Major companies and manufacturers like Pfizer, Pharyngeal, Merck and Bausch & Lomb have been very successful. Which means a growing demand on more advance computer system for their research and development is inevitable. Data collection and storage of Information on new drugs is more effective with the use of computer. Presentation of research and development data with figures and statistic during a meeting is more convenience and professional with the help of computer. The whole manufacturing process starting from formation of drugs to packaging is in one way or another facilitated by the use of computer for accuracy, hygienic and efficiency purposes.

Pharmaceutical wholesaler A pharmacy is a business, and computers help run the business operations efficiently. Pharmaceutical wholesalers Like Hived, Pharmacist, YES or CM Pharmaceutical are wholesaling their products to private hospitals, private clinics and to the many pharmacy community retailers throughout Malaysia. This Is a big business that involved a lot of paperwork. Their business could not be efficiently run without the help of computer. These pharmaceutical wholesalers are using 1 OFF tat could be used to provide information on drugs that are in demand.

Computer is also used in their administration to record customers’ data like invoices, delivery orders and monthly statement. All of this makes it easier to analyze the Pharmaceutical wholesalers financial performance. Computers also make it easier to handle routine business tasks, such as recording, tracking, paying vendor bills and workers’ salaries. Academic pharmacy Yearly, in all the Malaysia Universities and colleges that offered Pharmacy courses, there is evidence of an increased numbers of students who are interested in the faculty of Pharmacy.

This surging demand has lead to the demands of Academic Pharmacy lecturers. The profession of Academic Pharmacy lecturers involved teaching, training and upbringing future potential pharmacists to serve their communities. All material in their teaching are prepared with the help of computer. Almost all editing and audio- visual compositions together with three dimensional figures and statistic can be made by using special software customized for teaching purpose. Special effects catered for science subject are also created on computer.

Some Academic Pharmacy lecturers involved in research work when collaborating tit major Pharmaceutical companies are using computer to store relevant research data and to present their work to pharmaceutical companies on the computer. Clinical Pharmacy Many times, Clinical pharmacists provide medication consultation and therapy to their patients thus a computer is very much in needed. The IT industry has invented a number of APS that provide details on drug effects and interactions specially tailored for pharmacists to serve as added information that can help shape pharmacist decisions.

Clinical pharmacy is considered scientists and many of them are involved in research ND development for major pharmaceutical companies. In their Job, computer with special software to work on their research and to store information is very much needed. In the academic aspect, Clinical pharmacists are invited to give speeches at medical conferences, conventions and seminars, which needed computer for their presentation.

Hospital Pharmacy Most of the government clinics and hospitals have their own pharmacies to dispense medicine to their patients and the administration of hospital pharmacy is computerized. Hospital pharmacists are also responsible for stock check and arches of medicine. They are to ensure all medicines used in the hospital are quality tested and are not expired. This needs a lot of filing and recording thus computer played an important role in their administration.

It is common for hospital pharmacies to store patient histories and prescriptions electronically in computers to make it easier to identify which prescriptions are ready for refills and which doctor to contact about refills. A patient’s personal information, billing information, medical notes and other pertinent medical history are also stored in a computer for easy reference. Currently, the major players of community pharmacy in Malaysia are Caring, Guardian, Watson and many more that have branches throughout the country. Buying ETC medication in community pharmacies is getting more popular.

Higher standard of living give rise to more health conscious people that consumes a lots of supplement products like Vitamin, Calcium, Glutamine and herbal supplement. Controlling of drugs using computer technology helps community pharmacies to better manage their supplies. Bar codes on bottles and containers allow the pharmacy staff to record what drugs and compounds they have on hand and in what annuities. The bar codes can also serve to monitor if the right product has been delivered, stored, retrieved and dispensed to customers.

After the implementation of SST, in every three months, community pharmacist needs to submit their stock data, purchases and sales information to Malaysia Custom and Excise department for tax purposes. With proper software specially catered for SST, the accounting work would be much easier for community pharmacies. Conclusion In conclusion, computer is commonly used in almost all field of business and has helped a lot in the development of pharmacy profession. The use of computer elated to the different branches of pharmacy are introduced and discussed.

There are many sectors such as pharmaceutical manufacturer and wholesaler, college and university offering pharmacy courses, community pharmacy, government hospitals and clinic, private hospital and clinic where computer contributed a lot to the efficiency of their administration. Computer allows information to be saved and stored with accuracy. It also provides a more advance administration as it involves less paperwork and time saving. Computer helps to accomplish many tasks easily like proper filing and recording, within a short period of time.

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