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How Does the Internet Have a Negative Impact on Big Business? Personable The Internet has allowed businesses to create communities for those that share similar Interests In products and businesses. These communities help businesses develop their brand and create a positive image. Businesses are able to customize products or services with ease, which increases the satisfaction of the customers and increases profits. The Internet has enabled business to obtain valuable information about the interests of certain demographics.

Consequently, businesses are also able to effectively use targeted advertising by appealing to specific publishers and media that are specifically related to their product or service. Information The plethora of information on the Internet enables businesses to learn about trends that may affect them, observe consumer behavior, discover products that could enhance their service or business and increase their knowledge of the industry. Information that used to be reserved for the most influential people in the industry or academics is now easier to find.

The information also helps the consumers find products and services that are suitable for them. The amount of reviews and Information about businesses on the Internet helps consumers feel more In control and comfortable with making a purchase. The speed of accessing information on the Internet increases the rate of decision-making of both consumers and businesses and saves time that can be used for productive activities. Accessible The Internet bridges the gap between consumers and businesses. The advent of the Internet has made the presence of businesses global.

Consumers have access to products that are abroad or across state lines. Communication between consumers and businesses Is more open and transparent. Consumers can now use email, chat or forums to connect with other consumers, ask pertinent questions about the service or product, obtain customer support and offer suggestions. The communication between customers and businesses increases customer satisfaction and enables businesses to get connected to the customers. The accessibility enables businesses to further expand their service or product, which increases profit.

Easier Entry In the past, entry Into the business world was severely restricted. With the Internet, start-up and advertising costs are significantly lower. Small businesses can start a low-cost website, gain visibility and advertising through connecting with blobs, social networking and affiliate programs and even find venture capital/investors. The Internet also enables people to find talent with ease due to the use of online Job boards and career-based social networking. The Internet allows businesses to increases entry into small niches and reduces the chance of failure.

Investing The Internet has eased the conditions of investing. It’s easier to track the profits of businesses and research factors from the news that may affect a business. The Internet has opened investing to more participants. Consumers can invest in businesses that they may not have discovered without the Internet. Read more: What Are the Positive Effects of the Internet on Business? I oho http://www. Oho. Com/ info_8236794_positive-effects-internet-business. HTML#quizzes The Negative Effect of the Internet on Businesses Simon stein, Yahoo!

Contributor Network Jan 8, 2011 “Share your voice on Yahoo! Websites. Start Here. “. Abstract The internet has made the lives of society in general, easier. The only question is, what are we giving up and sacrificing in order to have this luxury? It is undeniable that there are many negative aspects of the internet, and that they affect our lives daily. However, what people tend to overlook is the effect it is having on our businesses. By cutting out many social activities and introducing unethical principals into people’s lives, it is in turn, hurting businesses.

It has encompassed smart individuals to the point of addiction, that they now neglect their responsibilities. This is all besides the fact that companies rely on it to run their operations far more than they should and that it has cost many people their Jobs, for their profession is now obsolete or because the competition was too great. Therefore, I believe it is up to society as a whole to do something about these problems and come up with a solution. Literature Review Most of the sources used when researching this paper were articles from the news that illustrated what the author was trying to prove at that point in the paper.

For instance, when the paper discusses the security issue, the author brought down an article about how even Microsoft got hacked. The same applies to the article about the guy who dropped dead after playing 50 hours of online gaming and the article where Jon Sanderson talks about how his business is run through the internet. The author also found online some articles that talked about the negative effect the internet was having on businesses and brought them down also.

In addition, while doing the research to write this paper, the author came across a few famous quotes that applied to what he was trying to prove, so he brought them down to help illustrate his point. Finally, one of the sources in the article was Alan Carr, he is considered an expert on addiction by many, especially in the case of smokers, however much of his work can be applied to online gaming as well Research Design This project is researching the negative effects the internet is having on businesses.

It was designed in such a way that it easy for the reader to grasp the points, see the authenticity of the sources, and finally, to reach the same conclusion as the author. After the author introduces the topic, he begins proving his point from the behavioral and ethical point of view. The authors then moves continues on illustrating how companies rely too strongly on the internet and the security issues involved. Once the reader has been sufficiently convinced that the internet is having a negative effect on employees and management’s decision, the author finishes with the effect the web is having on production.

The author then concludes the topic with a The Negative Effect of the Internet on Businesses The Internet has changed our lives arguably more than any other invention in the history of the world. It allows one to communicate, whether Just between friends, or with the marketing of a good simpler, faster, and cheaper. It has made the mass globalization of companies that we see today possible. People are now able to work from home, on the road, even while sitting at a coffee shop or standing on line at a grocery store. Workers can always be reached.

Managers a capable of running an organization from a different country on the other side of the world! Nonetheless, all of these advantages and positive effects tend to blind many from seeing the negative effects. The internet has its faults and society is starting to pick up on them slowly. There are those who are starting to publicize the negative effects internet is having, whether on our children, marriages, or our ethics in general. However, even many of them agree that in the business world the internet has had only positive affects; they are wrong.

The internet has affected the business world in negative aspect by cutting out some very important social interactions from society. With the new capabilities of this incredible tool at our service, people are becoming less social. Intelligent individuals are sitting at their computers surfing the web and wasting their time on games like World of War Craft when they could be running a business. Many are doing these things while on company time. It takes them less than a second to close a screen and pretend like they were working the whole time.

Some websites even have an application called the “boss key”; all the user needs to do is press it and a new screen pops up with an excel page on it making it look like they have been working. These are counter-productive, and would not be possible without the use of the internet. In addition, people tend to act differently online than they do in real life confrontations. People talk about things that in a real conversation would be deemed inappropriate, regularly over the internet. They are playing the parts of two very different people every single day, and that can be very taxing on their minds.

Most people lead stressful lives and now with the internet we have added on a new strain to their lives. Ethics play a big part in managing a business and the internet has had a negative effect on people’s ethical values. Most managers, when hiring employees will not want to hire anyone with a criminal record because they have committed a crime. Yet, music and movies are being stolen by American citizens almost every second of the day. Society looks down on shoplifters; nevertheless, almost every internet user has stolen by downloading illegally.

It is as if all the laws we created and perfected in the American Constitution do not apply to the internet. It has become a safe haven for society to do that which is no longer acceptable to do in the open. They hide Enid false names and pictures and pretend to be what they are not, doing whatever their hearts desire, regardless that it is not ethically correct. When an individual is acting unethically in their home and personal life it can easily carry over corporate behavior may be the responsibility of an individual” [1] .

There is a much sadder aspect of the internet that is also negatively affecting businesses, and that is the addiction. It is quite sad to see how some people will react when they lose connection even for only a few minutes. They sit there twiddling their fingers, moping, and depressed. A businessman can be relaxing and on vacation with his family, all it will take is for there to be no internet connection and his life is ruined. He can no longer concentrate on anything or get things accomplished.

Alan Carr in his book on how to quit smoking talks about how most of the addiction is a brainwashing, convincing the smoker he needs a cigarette to survive. [2] We all know he could live fine without them, if anything his life would improve, yet, he will not quit. He believes he needs them. The same is with the internet. People have got so used to always being connected, that when they lose it or a second their mind goes into a panic. The same in a company, people are so addicted to the internet, should they lose it for even a short time they would not be able to function. This is even if their work is not dependent on the internet.

If they lose connection, they cannot focus; they are busy worrying whether they have received a reply to some useless instant message in some useless conversation. They are therefore slacking in their duty, and are hurting the company’s production. Online gaming, a time wasting hobby, has turned good men and women in to virtual vegetables. Originally used as an escape for many, online gaming has become a part of many individuals’ lives. There is a story in the new about a Korean guy playing computer games for 50 hours straight and dropping dead not long after from heart failure stemming from exhaustion. 3] People start to enjoy playing their characters life more than their own. They like being the hero and warrior. Who wants to be a CEO when they could be shooting a gun? This mentality not only affects the future, as kids are wishing for things other than running businesses, it also affects current businesses. If a man can play a computer game up to the hour of his death, is it that hard to conceive that a worker might neglect in his Job to play a game for a little longer. These days many people are capable of working right from home. Are they stretching their lunch breaks to achieve another level or beat another mission in their games?

Without a doubt there are those who are billing their company for beating missions in Grand Theft Auto. Companies are losing money because their employees will go to extreme measures Just to play their games. There is another problem with the internet and that is the reliance companies have n it. Most companies and organizations these days are run by or at least using the internet. It is not hard to understand the reason for people freaking out if they lose connection. It is because they depend on the internet for everything. “We e-mail everything,” said Jon Sanderson, a geological consultant in Snobbish. We work with sets of plans that’s all done electronically so we transfer it back and forth. You can get stuff you can’t even fax because it’s so large. ” [4] Being that companies depend on it to such extents, should it shut down for even a short period of time a lot superiors is through the internet. Businesses these days are built with the internet as a fundamental part of their operations. This being so, if a manager or the CEO of a company cannot be reached via the internet for some reason, the company could be at a standstill with no way to proceed. As H. M.

Margarita said, “don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. [5] That is exactly what all these companies are doing when they run their operations only through the internet. When running a business through and on the internet, companies run into major security issues. Hackers and viruses are roaming the web waiting and trying to ruin businesses. They steal credit card information, shut down websites, and can even mess with the data the company saves on their computers. When businesses were run without the use of the internet, people knew who they were trusting with their information.

However, these days with many businesses relying on the web to keep the data safe, the customer has no idea who will be capable of stealing it and robbing them. This is all besides the fact that one lone hacker can totally shut down a whole company, right from his home. Investors and stakeholders in these companies are risking a lot of money that can easily be stolen. In order to try preventing such catastrophes managers encourage their companies to spend vast amounts of money on security for their and their customer’s data. However, even with these measures stories emerge of companies getting hacked.

Even Microsoft Corporation, a multinational computer technology corporation, has gotten hacked. [6] Yet, companies much smaller and with less sophisticated technology still believe that it is safe to run their operations via the internet, they are wrong. The internet has affected many businesses in a negative fashion by introducing much more competition. A business that used to have one or two stores that they were competing with now has an unlimited amount of competition. Anybody can open a business on the internet, with very little actual experience required.

Although that seems great to the people looking to start a new business, it is terrible for the existing businesses. No longer are businesses Just competing with the store down the street, now they are competing with organizations across the world. Many smaller businesses cannot handle this level of competition, and are forced to shut down. Another problem is that with the internet the customer base has become numinous. Companies are not supplying to a small town any longer. They are supplying to at least a whole country and in some cases the entire world. That means that they need to produce more, for the supply is greater.

Someone that wanted to open a small business finds themselves running a multi-million dollar business. Although some might say that is fantastic, others will argue. Many people want to live quiet lives running a small business. However, with the internet, small businesses are obsolete and impossible to run one in this economy. When considering the internet’s effect on businesses, one has to also consider the bobs lost by the implementation of the web into businesses. Stock broker and travel a travel agent to find them a cheap flight when websites like Kayak and Expedite will do it for free.

The same applies with stock brokers. Even post offices are being used much less with everyone preferring to receive all their mail via email. Many companies that did not foresee the change coming were left helpless, with a seriously dwindling customer base. One of the most critical effects the internet has on businesses is the information overload it supplies. Studies suggest that information overload not only makes a errors less productive, it makes them dumber. [8] In addition, people suffering from receiving too much data tend to make poor decisions and risk suffering from stress related diseases.

With the internet, workers have an unlimited amount of information, causing them to need more time to make a decision. In many cases, to save time, employees will ignore a lot of data and Just stick with the first results, causing them to make mistakes. Therefore, although many believe the amount of information available is a positive factor, it is really the opposite. In conclusion, although the implementation of the internet into our businesses is nearly looked at as a positive thing, in fact, there are countless negative impacts as well. It has introduced unethical principles into our society, and ruined the lives of many.

Instead of companies needing to compete only locally, now they need to compete on a much larger scale; one they may not be ready for. Furthermore, organizations are storing most of their data online, leaving it accessible to hackers and viruses. The aforementioned arguments and data prove that the internet has had a negative effect on businesses these days. Although by adding the web into easiness designs, companies have expanded and seen growth that would be impossible without it; the negative factors cannot be ignored. It would be fatal for the economy to illuminate the internet entirely, but why can it not be monitored?

Why can society not stick limitations on a disease that is polluting our lives and hurting businesses? Something must be done. Eyesight impact of the Internet on our daily life by Markus Teemed, Martina Trencherman, Eva Cookout, Tanta Voicing There is a big influence of technique on our daily life. Electronic devices, multimedia and computers are things we have to deal with everyday. Especially the Internet is becoming more and more important for nearly everybody as it is one of the newest and most forward-looking media and surely “the” medium of the future.

Therefore we thought that it would be necessary to think about some good and bad aspects of how this medium influences us, what impacts it has on our social The Internet changed our life enormously, there is no doubt about that. There are many advantages of the Internet that show you the importance of this new medium. What I want to say is that Internet changed our life in a positive way. First we have to make a differentiation concerning the usage. You can use the Internet at home for personal or you at work for professional usage. Let’s come to the first.

To spend a part of our day on the Internet is for many people quite normal. They use this kind of medium to get information about all kinds topics. Maybe some of them are interested in chatting, probably they are members of a community. Whatever you are looking for, you will find it. Even if you want to have very specific information, you will find it in a short time. Normally, you often have to send a letter, than you have to wait for the reception of the reply, or you have to make some telephone calls and so on. In any case, the traditional way is the longer one.

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