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It began operatively from a single room made of seawall with fire teachers imposed of four female and a male built through the Joint efforts of the PTA Officers pioneered by Luis Paso Sir. And Listing Elementary School Principal, Ms. Lila Santos in 1968 within the locate of Listing Elementary School, Listing Rosaries Cavity, initially known as Listing Community High School. (LOCHS) In the same year elementary and high school were separated as ordered. The teachers of listing barraging High School sought assistance from the former Mayor Tatty.

Ernest Anodic and Governor Johnny Remedial to find a new site for the high school. Fortunately the Philippines National on Company (POND) donated a parcel of land measuring 14,933. 5 Square meters in 1991 considering that the site was a farm land and it was indeed four years of former Congressman June Nazarene fencing of the vicinity of the school was made possible. The construction of the first school building was through the assistance of Japan International Cooperating Agency amounting 1. Mm pesos. This school was spearheaded by Mrs.. Emailing L. Barilla the school principal.

Currently Babbage National High School has 64 faculties and staff. The school also has 2,143 students. This school offers Elementary and highlights education. They have 30 computers In their Computer Laboratory. The school currently offers computer subjects to 3rd year and Roth year high school students. The teachers of the Roth yr student’s who we interviewed revealed that other students in Roth yr cannot easily understand the Mathematics subject because there are so many student on every room and that causes some of them to not understand well what the teacher Is talking about..

So this Is the reason why we planned to make the system CIA. To help the students who can understand math easily also to help the instructor in Math to teach the Math subject. 1. Statement of the Problem. 1. 2. 1 General Problem How to design, develop and Implement a Computer Aided Instruction in Mathematics for Roth year student In Babbage National High School. 1. 2. 2 Specific Problem 1 . How to create a module that can increase student’s interest in mathematics subject? The other student who can get understand math easily, think that math is so hard subject for them.

Limitation * The system will not use ID animation in discussing the lesson. * The study does not cater to changes of the curriculum as well as literacy of the student in computer fundamentals. * It will not be utilized to completely replace the teachers, but it will provide additional tool for a student to cope up with his/her studies. 2. Methodology Prototype A prototype is the sample implementation of the system that shows limited and main national capabilities of the proposed system. After a prototype is built, it is delivered to the customer for the evaluation.

The prototype helps the customer determine how the feature will function in the final software. The customer provides suggestion and improvements on the prototype. The development team implements the suggestion in the new prototype, which is again evaluated by the customer. The process continues until the customer and the development team understands the exact requirement of the proposed system. Requirements Gathering Analysis Design Test Implementation Requirements gathering are an essential part of any project and project management.

Understanding fully what a project will deliver is critical to its success. This may sound like common sense, but surprisingly it’s an area that is often given far too little attention. Many projects start with the barest headline list of requirements, only to find later the customers’ needs have not been properly understood. ANALYSIS Systems analysis is a process of collecting factual data, understand the processes involved, identifying problems and recommending feasible suggestions for improving the system functioning.

This involves studying the business processes, gathering operational data, understand the information flow, finding out bottlenecks and evolving solutions for overcoming the weaknesses of the system so as to achieve the organizational goals. System Analysis also includes subdividing of complex process involving the entire system, identification of data store and manual processes. Based on the user requirements and the detailed analysis of a new system, the new system must be designed. This is the phase of system designing. It is the most crucial phase in the development of a system.

The logical system design arrived at as a result of system analysis and is converted into physical system design. In the design phase the OSDL process continues to move from the questions of the analysis phase to the how. The logical design produced during the analysis is turned into a physical design – a detailed description of what is needed to solve original problem. Input, output, databases, forms, codification schemes and processing specifications are drawn up in detail. In the design stage, the programming language and the hardware and software platform in which the new system will run are also decided.

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