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Because people need to be able to see It. 3. What 5 pieces of Information should a CAD drawing provide and engineer or architect. Select and draw appropriate system of dimensions. Create a baseline and continue dimensions. Control appearance while applying dimension parts to various geometry. Create various styles of dimensions. Edit dimensions. 4. List and the four types of dimensions provided In CAD. What does each one measure?

Linear measures distances, using: A vertical, horizontal or aligned dimension line A baseline (parallel) or continue (chain/one after another) Ordinate measures the distance of a point, using: An origin point to an object’s eater such as a key-way in a part Radial measures radii and diameters, using: A centre line/mark to arc or circle parameters to show data Angular measures the angle formed, using: An angle vertex and endpoints to show data – between two lines or use of three points 5.

What is the difference between a dimension and en extension line? Dimension lines give distance or extent of dimension and extension lines give the limits of the dimension line. 6. A friend calls you, asking how to dimension the diameter of a circle In an Autocrat drawing. Help you friend by explaining step-by-step how to Include the dimension (assume the circle is already drawn). Right-click on an existing dimension in your drawing. Click Edit Dimension Style.

In the Styles and Standards Editor, click the Text tab. On the Text tab, under the primary text style to the right of the text box, click the pencil Icon. In the Text Height box, enter the height would like to use. Click Save. Click done to exit the Styles and Standards Editor. Font- Is an electronic data file containing a set of glyphs, characters or symbols such as dingbats. Dimension Style- Dimension styles in Auto CAD consist of the style name and family.

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