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In the Gulf of Mexico, Karen breviary is especially prevalent along the west coast of Florida and the Texas shore. Farther north, Alexandrine fundraise is found on the Atlantic coastline from New England into Canada, while Alexandrine accidental is common throughout the Pacific, from Mexico to Alaska, and along the coasts of Australia and Japan. A number f factors can cause an algal bloom to grow. Low salinity, a high nutrient content in the water and warmer-than-usual surface water temperatures are usually cited as contributing to a red tides formation.

The algae linked to red tides contain a toxin that affects the nervous and digestive systems of animals. Red tides are usually accompanied by a massive die-off of fish, as well as the birds and other animals that feed on fish. Even larger animals that feed on fish, shellfish and other marine life can be killed if they consume enough of the toxin. A red tide in Florida this month has en blamed for a significant die-off of manatees, while another red tide in 2012 may have caused a large number of squid deaths in California. Humans are also vulnerable to the toxic effects of a red tide.

Wave action can release the alga’s toxins into the air, causing respiratory problems among people near the shoreline, particularly those with asthma, emphysema or other respiratory illnesses. Because the toxins can accumulate in shellfish, red tides often cause outbreaks of parasitic shellfish poisoning (SSP) and amnesic shellfish poisoning (ASP). Both illnesses affect he nervous systems; ASP can cause dizziness and disorientation, and in extreme cases, SSP can cause respiratory paralysis, resulting in death by asphyxiation.

Red tides occur worldwide, and some reports indicate their occurrence is on the rise, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). The phenomenon now takes place almost every summer along Florist’s Gulf Coast, for example, and global warming may be contributing to the increase. Researchers at NOAA used computer models to determine how warming ocean temperatures might change the timing and frequency of the algal blooms associated with red tides.

We found that, not only will the risk for toxic blooms increase within the present-day bloom season, which is typically between July and October, but the bloom season itself will also expand,” Stephanie Moore of Nana’s West Coast Center for Oceans and Human Health, told National Geographic. Leftovers : food that has not been finished at a meal and that is often served at another meal improper cleaning: Cross contamination: is the transfer of harmful bacteria from one food item to another by means of a nonfood surface, I. E. , utensil, counter top, cutting board, axing bowl, human hands, humans wearing single-use plastic gloves.

Contaminated raw foods:Certain raw foods, such as meat, fish, poultry, shellfish, milk and eggs may be contaminated with bacteria or viruses. These microorganisms can be spread during processing and preparation and can easily survive in the food if heating is improper temperatures is also a major cause of bedroom illness. Many times this happens when foods are Just “warmed up” rather than heating thoroughly. Always reheat leftover refrigerated foods RAPIDLY to OFF before serving or hot holding. If it is liquid, bring it to boil.

Improper hot storage: inadequate cooking: All potentially hazardous foods must be cooked to a safe internal temperature before consumption. Cook poultry, stuffing and dressing at OFF for at least 15 seconds. Infected people touching people: People with poor food handling habits and poor personnel hygiene are the biggest contributors to bedroom illness outbreaks. Here is what you can do: Do not handle food if you have colds, flu, diarrhea or hepatitis. Time between preparing/serving food: Given sufficient time, bacteria in food can grow depending on the type of food, the temperature at which it as held, its moisture and its acidity level.

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