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Sir, am further to Inform you that Department of Justice Is In the process of assessment of e-courts project through online survey to get feedback from learned Judicial Officers and Court Officials on questionnaires which will be directly mailed to the elected Officers and members of staff for feedback. National Council of Applied Economic Research (NICER) has been commissioned by Department of Justice for this assessment and it has selected below mentioned 20 locations for purpose of feedback District Court, Changer District Court, Fatheaded District Court, Rewire District Court, Jinn District Court, Sirs Sub Division, Sand (Didst.

Carnal) Sub Division, Nun (now Didst. Court) District Court, Maidenhair District Court, Surpassed Sub Division, Patti (Didst. Marital) Sub Division, Tarn Tartan (Didst. Marital) District Court, Sir Muskrats Shall(now Idlest. Court) Sub Division, Abhor (Idlest. Freezer) Sub Dillon, Phage (Idlest. Sepulchral) District Court, S. B. S. Magna NICER has sought contact details of 3 Learned Judicial Officers from each location along with contact details of 3 Court officials working under the selected Judicial Officers as well as contact details of Court Manager and System Officer.

You are, therefore, requested to send the information on urgent basis by 24. 5. 2014 at 3. 00 PM in the enclosed Performa for further transmission to quarter concerned. Yours faithfully, Sd/- 23/5/14 0. S. D. (Computations I. T. For Registrar General Location Sir. No. Particularistic up requisite informational . Select three Courts from the location and give contact details of the Judicial Officers 1 .

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