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Pentium Flaw Parker Hubert Ms. Heath 10/22/13 June 1994: Intel testers discover a division error in the Pentium chip. Intel managers decide that the error will not affect many people and do not inform anyone outside the company. This was Intel’s first mistake. The company was right in that the division error could affect only a few customers, but not disclosing the information made Intel appear to hide a sinister secret. It sent the message to customers that Intel was not trustworthy.

Disclosing the flaw upon discovery would have created only minor news, on the same low level as an automaker announcing a minor defect. The same month, DRP. Thomas R. Nicely, a professor of mathematics at Lynchburg College, Virginia, notices a small difference in two sets of numbers. He double-checks all his work by computing everything twice, In two different ways. DRP. Nicely spends months successively elongating possible causes such as PC bus errors and compiler artifacts. After testing on several 486 and Pentium-based computers, DRP.

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