Comprehensive Classroom Technology Plan

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Students are able to look up information and research papers with large amounts of resource. This amount of resource can keep the student engaged and interested in learning. Being able to research information in bulks, allows students to excel in their everyday studies. Students are able to perform better, enhance their skills in critical thinking, problem solving, and Independent learning. It also provides an aid when the teacher Is not available. The downside of this would be that students will go beyond their set boundaries and become easily distracted by the amount of information given. Secondly, incorporating technology into lessons.

When technology is being used during a lesson, students tend to become more engaged in the lesson. Lessons that the student did not care about previously, would become more interested when shown a video. “Multimedia Incorporates a variety of elements, Including text, graphics, audio, video, and animation” (pig_242). This allows students to really participate in a lesson he or she is struggling with. On the other hand, finding the right materials for a lesson can become overwhelming for a teacher. There are husbands of different websites out there. And trying to locate that special one could take hours and hours to find.

The teacher might spend all day Just looking for the right plan to go with her lesson. Fifth teacher wanted to incorporate a power point into the lesson, that would take another several hours to create one. Also students with deliverables might not be able to access the device being used In the lesson plan. Such as, students who cannot reach a keyboard. Maybe the teacher would need to order special equipment for use inside the classroom in order for the student to get engaged in the lesson. This would take weeks to try and locate the tools needed and then testing them out to make sure it worked.

A lot of time would need to be invested. My plan will be to Incorporate the smart board and digital cameras Into my everyday lesson plans. Why? Students will be able to learn hands on with the different activities and learn the 21 SST century style skills. There are so many different ways you can use the smart board during a lesson plan. Some interesting ways would be to create picture charts, (also images from a digital camera) that students can allow, create similarities between different units through the use of the same structure in a graphic organizer, and lastly, having the tools to create a websites.

When using the digital camera, students would be allowed to take pictures on a would allow students to be creative in and outside of the school setting. Students would feel free to capture life the way they see and feel it. Now let’s discuss the difference between a wired and wireless classroom. When we talk about a wired classroom, we automatically “think cables” Meringue (2010). This is true. Many digital vices have multiple cables which are attached. Example of a wired device would be the computer.

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