Compounds/Gram Formula/Percent Composition

Materials composed of two or more phases wich are separated by definite boundaries called interfaces.
Any material composed of two or more kinds of matter, each keeping its own characteristic properties, can be mixed in varying proportions and can be separated by mechanical means.
Those materials which are uniform in composition, each part has identical properties, and consists of a single phase.
Substances composed of only one kind of atom and cannot be further deocomposed by ordinary chemical means.
The smallest unit of an element that can enter into combination with other elements.
The smallest part of a compound with all the properties of the compound.
an atom or group of atoms which possesses an overall electrical charge by gaining or losing electrons.
Polyatomic Ion (Radical)
When two or more atoms are chemically bonded and possesses an electrical charge.
Compounds with have hydrogen as the only positive part of the compound.
Compounds which have Hydroxide as their only negative part.
Compounds which have oxygen as their only negative part.
All compounds which are not acids, bases, or oxides.
Gram Formula Mass
The sum of the gram atomic masses of the moles of the atoms in one mold of formula units of a substance.
Percent Composition=
total mass of element (or H2O)/ gfm *100%
A crystal which contains water of hydration.
Anhydrous Salt
The salt that is left when the water is evaporated from the hydrate.
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