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What are the major components of an arguments? Claims and Ideals Proof and logic Claims and proofs Ideals and logics.. 148, Chapter 5 What are the five types of claims? Fact, definition, answers, ideas and logic Policy, definition, ideas, logic, and question Policy, cause, logic, ideas, and definition Fact, deflation, cause, value, and policy P. 149, Chapter 5 Increasing population threatens the environment. What type of claim is this statement? Value Fact policy Cause P. 150, Chapter 5

When reading the following question, decide which claim type is most accurate. “How does Its usual meaning change In a particular context? ‘ Claim of definition Claim of value Claim of policy Claim of fact P. 151, Chapter 5 Who declared that logical proof is the most important kind of proof in argument? Albert Einstein Richard M. Weaver Aristotle Plato P. 181, Chapter 6 Claim and can help readers identify minor purposes in an argument. Subclass Definition Claim questions Emotional language P. 165, Chapter 5

Photographs are considered to be used as what type of proof? Policy Ideas P. 182, Chapter 6 What type of proof contributes to the strength of the acceptance of a logical conclusion? Emotional proof Hands on proof Invented proof What type of proof includes facts, reasons and opinions based on reality? Ideal Emotion Ethos Lots P. 184, Chapter 6 An author uses language to build connections and trust as well as to establish reliability with the audience by using what type of proof?

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