Composite Image Essay

Composite Image Essay
Titled: Please ExplainWithin today’s society there are people who fight for equality, for what is right, for what is fair…and then, there are the one’s who don’t. The one’s who would rather take the backseat approach and hope the problem resolves itself. Racism amongst Australian’s (in this case) towards foreign immigrants is an issue that has been apparent for some time throughout the relatively short history of our country. In conjunction with the political revival of our right-winged, red-headed politician, Pauline Hanson, I only saw fitting to exemplify her ideals as anything but Australian.
The composite image “Please Explain” is an attempt to bring awareness to the seriousness of racial discrimination in our society and to outline that although, Hanson’s views on ‘White Australia’ and ‘One Nation’ are supported by some, the vast majority of decent Australians aren’t willing to accept them now. We as a nation almost need reminding that this ‘lucky country’ of ours was built on immigration and the skills and culture brought by migrants. Not racial bigotry.
This composite image demonstrates several photographic codes that are utilised in order to convey a somewhat realistic, but meaningful message.I have chosen Pauline Hanson to be behind the wheel of a street sweeper, which bares the ‘Fuck Off Were Full’ signage. I chose her to be in this position, as I want this to portray Hanson as being the main culprit in driving such a campaign in trying to clean up Australia of its immigrants such as the Vietnamese vendor and small child seated alongside.
The vendor and child are harmless. They are included as they represent people who have possibly fled a politically unstable country and whom of which should not be forced to retire certain traditions or practices because they have migrated to Australia.The cringe-worthy racial slur visible on the side of the street sweeper is clear in it’s meaning and…