Components of the Brand Analysis Project Essay

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This should include scope of market, and global attributes that might or might not be incorporated into the strategic plan of the organization, Component 2: The team must identify the current Marketing Strategy, including the client’s (a) Mission, (b) Goals and Objectives, and (c) STEP + UP.

Teams should not be surprised to find a lack of formal marketing strategy or low level of understanding of the theoretical concepts. The team should prepare a marketing strategy template: “Drill in” on company desired Brand Identity, Brand Positioning, Value Proposition, and Unique Selling Proposition.

Component 3: The team should analyze all aspects of the client brand, supplementing judgment with secondary and primary research, as warranted. The question you are trying to answer here is what does the brand consist of-?what has it done, and how effective has it been? Most teams should consider all the following: consumer awareness, knowledge, brand identification, “share of mind,”; brand elements, attributes, perceived instrumentalities; points of parity/difference sustainable competitive advantage; marketing u port program; brand leveraging; and brand extensions (existing and future).

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