Complex technology of potato starch production line

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Potato starch production line can affect all process stages, from the delivery and unloading of the raw product, to the potato cleaning and rasping, to Juice separation; then to starch extraction, starch milk refining and dewatering and up to starch drying. The pulp’s next stage is the washing starch station (usually steam-oriented), to Isolate the starch and flush out the starch milk which Is mixed with small potato fiber particles and Juice leftovers.

The longer the potatoes are stored, the more adverse for the starch production. Attention must be taken that potatoes should not be damaged at time of purchase. Damaged potato Is perishable, and the rotten potato will affect the potatoes around easily. The quality of potatoes has very big Influence on the quality of potato starch In The extraction unit Is the next step of the potato starch production, which normally comprises sieves with integrated fiber and starch slurry pumps.

Whether they are unloaded dry or wet, the mostly automated circuit of the potato in a starch production factory starts here, with individual variations. The potatoes are transported, usually via a trough, into the destining and washing machine. The options will vary at this production stage: from Grime’s ROTA-Power machine, which uses a rotor to break off the soil and spread it over the star mechanism for weaving; or the version made by Tummies Methodic – which separates clods by applying eater pressure upwards, with a capacity of up to 160 tones p/h..

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