Competitive Analysis

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With the increase in globalization and the developments made by technology in the transportation sector, a new sub-sector evolved which would deal with matters of delivering packages from one location to another location. The new system was capable of delivering packages at affordable price, to local as well as locations abroad and within a small amount of time. With the decrease in prices a number of people got attracted and started to use this facility other then the general people who used it for delivering cards, important papers etc.

The people who started using the delivery services included people involved in small companies for importing merchandise, then their were online stores that charged customers through cards and delivered their purchase through parcel delivery service. Hence increasing demand for parcel delivery was felt all around the globe, therefore companies delivering packages started to commence. Competitive Analysis of Parcel Industry The profit margins in the parcel industry derived a lot of investors in this field as a result which a number of companies started to operate.

Therefore the competition in this field increased companies started analysis and anticipate changes in the marketplace as well as the possible actions which

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needs to be taken against competitors. The leading companies in this business include DHL, Fed EX and UPS. Then their was the generating of competitive profiles these profiles are normally used within a closely defined market and usually developed by a competitor to analyze his rivals with whom he is competing directly in the same market every day.

Thus the competitors were fighting I the same market for customers therefore he companies’ generated schemes and procedures that included lower rates, faster delivery, better customer service and the security of the parcels. (Competitive Analysis of Incumbent Postal Operators in Europe) Trends and Outlook in Industry in Relation to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Corporate social responsibility in relation to transportation is a set of guidelines that provide companies using transport services follow some path in order to keep a health environment, provide employees with deserving facilities and it even obliges companies to design programs which would help generating funds. The parcel industry comes under CSR as it has used transportation either it be air, road or water. Every company involved in parcel services therefore tries to combat environmental hazards through reducing fuel consumption. Then there are the employee benefits which include bonuses, working condition.

Introduction, History and Analysis of United Parcel Service United States of America even felt the need for a parcel service which would help in the delivery of parcels abroad as well as to destinations within America and thus united parcel service came into existence by James E. (“Jim”) Casey. United Parcel Service, Inc. (UPS) started as a small company in 1907 but with time and efforts it became the world’s largest package delivering company, delivering over 14 million packages a day to over 200 countries around the world. Its headquarters were originally in Europe but with time shifted to Atlanta, Georgia.

When company followed the phone practices in operational level, all phones were received in headquarters’ basement and company’s managers in reply ran short trips, for package delivering, notes carrying and so on. Interestingly, in the outset of this service bicycles were used for most of the deliveries for shorter trips. Automobiles were not available at that time for delivery purpose and most of the store departments which operated during the day were performed their long route services by using horses and for wheels wagon for merchandise delivery. (United parcel service)

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