Comparison poem

Length: 402 words

Although Remarriage’s line to introduce his poem, he uses oxymoron “The future was a beautiful place” to emphasis his idea presented through the poem to show that it is already written in using an imperfect. In contrast with the opening line, the end is not excepted to be happy because he shows us that in spite of his future where nothing is inconsistent; the dream could never have come true because he realizes the harsh reality of the present which effect the rhythm, slower and less happy.

However to introduce his poem “On the grass when I arrive”, Seam’s reflect his open and his last line In reflecting the same idea and adds “In the ivy when I leave” to show the familiar action of the blackbird. In both poems, the arrangement of ideas and events are approaching by alliteration to create a sound effect with the same letter “b” and to give a nice pattern to the phrase “bottle bank’ for “A Vision” and “l park, pause, take heed” for “The Blackbird of Glowworm”.

Simon suggests the Irony “bottle blank”, the difference between what people except, was optimist by believing In the future and democratic and what actually happens effect the Imagery . And In the same time a contrast with the today s life where we use landfill and unrealistic life where the bottle are recycling. Created for the feeling that the plans for the future are vague with no realistic substance “fuzzy felt grass”.

Likewise In using the language about the future “today s date” he underlines the same Ironic Idea that today should have been the future In the plan. In the same way, the futuristic materials “smoked glass and tubular steel” give exciting passage which Influence the continuity of the reading and rev us because we want to know more about the plans even If this Is unrealistic.

With a romantic style “It’ s you ,blackbird, I love”, Haney s structures his poem with fluidity, the phrases runs over from stanza to the next In using frequent enjambment to give a rhythmic reading. The circular poem with a contemplative language, contains some sad and loss moment such as “Haunter-son, lost brother” especially when the speaker thinks of the past of the future because he remembers his death “l think of one gone to IM” which effect the readers to empathy with him his Isolation to not have family.

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