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They were black work forces who had a dream. but ne’er lived to see it fulfilled. One was a adult male who spoke out to all humanity. but the universe was non yet ready for his peaceable words. “I have a dream. a dream that one twenty-four hours this state will lift up and populate out the true significance of its creed… that all work forces are created equal. ” ( Martin Luther King ) The other. a adult male who spoke of a violent revolution. which would convey approximately extremist alteration for the black race. “Anything you can believe of that you want to alter right now. the lone manner you can make it is with a ballot or a slug.

And if you’re non ready to acquire involved with either one of those. you are satisfied with the position quo. That means we’ll have to alter you. ” ( Malcom X ) While Martin Luther King promoted non-violence. civil rights. and the terminal to racial segregation. a adult male of the name of Malcom X dreamed of a separate state. Martin Luther King. Jr. was the scruples of his coevals. A Southerner. a black adult male. he gazed upon the great wall of segregation and saw that the power of love could convey it down.

From the hurting and exhaustion of his battle to liberate all people from the bondage of separation and unfairness. he wrung his facile statement of what America could be. ( Ansboro. pg. 1 ) An American reverend and a Nobel Peace Prize victor. he was one of the rule leaders of the American Civil Rights Movement and a outstanding advocator of nonviolent protest. King’s challenges to segregation and racial favoritism in the 1950’s and 1960’s. helped convert many white Americans to back up the cause of civil rights in the United States.

After his blackwash in 1968. King became the symbol of protest in the battle for racial justness. ( “King. Martin Luther. Jr. . ” pg. 1 ) In 1964. Malcom X founded an organisation called “The Muslim Mosque. Inc. In an interview conducted by A. B. Spellman on March 19. 1964. Malcom speaks of his ends for this organisation. “The Muslim Mosque. Inc. will hold as its spiritual base the faith of Islam. which will be designed to propagate the moral reformations necesary to up the degree of the alleged Negro community by extinguishing the frailties and other immoralities that destroy the moral fibre of the community.

But the political doctrine of the Muslim Mosque will be black patriotism. every bit good as the societal and economic doctrines. We still believe in the Honorable Elijah Muhammand’s solution as complete separation. The 22 million alleged Negroes should be separated wholly from America and should be permitted to travel back place to our native African fatherland. ” ( Breitmaned. pgs. 5-6 ) Possibly the key to these two African americans leaders opposing ends lay within their really different yesteryears. Malcom X was born in Omaha as Malcom Little.

Malcom’s religion. a Baptist curate was an vocal follower of Marcus Garvey. the black nationalist leader of the 1920’s. The household moved to Lansing. Michigan. and when Malcom was six old ages old. his male parent was murdered after having menaces from the Ku Klux Klan. Malcom’s female parent suffered a nervous dislocation and her eight kids were taken by the public assistance section. Malcom was sent foremost to a Foster place and so to a reform school. After 8th class. Malcom moved to Boston where he worked assorted occupations and finally became involved in condemnable activity. ( Malcom X. pg. 1 ) In 1946. he was sentenced to prison for burglary.

While in prison. Malcom became invested in the instructions of Elijah Muhammed. the leader of the black Muslims besides called the State of Islam. Malcom spent his clip in gaol educating himself and larning more about the black Muslims. who advocated racial separation. When Malcom was released in 1952. he joined a black Muslim temple in Detroit and became the most outstanding interpreter for the Nation of Islam by the early 1960’s. It was so that he took the name of Malcom X. ( “Malcom. ” pg. 1 ) Martin Luther King was born in Alanta. Georgia. the eldest boy of Martin Luther King. Sr. a Baptist curate. and Alberta Williams King. King attended local segregated public schools. where he excelled. He entered nearby Morehouse College at age 15 and graduated with a unmarried mans degree in sociology in 1948. After graduating with awards from Crozer Theological Seminary in Pennsylvania in 1951. he went to Boston University where he earned a doctorial grade in systematic divinity in 1955. ( “King. Martin Luther. Jr. . ” pg. 1 ) Throughout King’s instruction. he was exposed to influences that related Christian divinity to the battles of laden peoples.

At Morehouse. Crozer. and Boston University. he studied the instructions on nonviolent Indian leader Mohandas Gandhi. King besides read and heard the discourses of white Protestant curates who preached against American racism. He was married in 1953. and in 1954. he accepted his first pastorate at the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery. Alabama. a church of knowing congretions that had late by a curate who had protested against segregation. ( “King. Martin Luther. Jr. . ” pg. 1 ) Where as King was full of love. peace. regard. and compassion for his fellow white brother. Malcom X was full of hatred. choler. and retribution.

He was a dark presence. an angry. misanthropic. implacable adult male whose good will or forgiveness or even pity the white race could neither gain nor purchase. “Coffee. ” he one time remarked in an interview. “is the lone thing I like integrated. ” He besides cheerily mentioned that Whites were inherently enemies of the Negroes and that integrating was impossible without great bloodletting. Passive resistance was as he put it. “a mealy-mouth. beg-in. wait-in. plead-in sort of action. ” and it was merely a device for demilitarizing the inkinesss.

He besides believed that everything we had heard to the reverse from the Martin Luther Kings and the Roy Wilkinses and the Whiteny Youngs was a lifelessly unsafe battalion of prevarications. “That’s etiquette. ” he said. “Etiquette means to intermix in with society. They are being polite. The mean Negro doesn’t even allow another Negro know what he thinks. he’s so distrusting. I’m black first- my whole aims are black. my commitment is black. my whole aims are black. By me being a Muslim. I’m non interested in American. because America has ne’er been interested in me. ” ( Goldman. pg. 5 )

Black blood. claimed Malcom X. is stronger than white. “A individual can hold a teaspoon of black in him. and that makes him black. Black can’t come from white. but white can come from black. That means black was foremost. If black is first. black is supreme and white is dependent on black. ” He meant to stalk Whites. to play on their frights and accelerate their guilt and deflate their dreams that everything was acquiring better- and he did. “America’s job is us. ” Malcom X told Whites that if they argued that the wickednesss of the past ought non to visited on them. he would answer: “Your male parent isn’t here to pay his debts.

My male parent isn’t here to roll up. but I’m here to roll up. and you’re here to pay. ” ( Goldman. pgs. 6-9 ) Martin Luther King is known for his cardinal function as president of the Montgomery Improvement Association ( MIA ) . the oganixation that directed the coach boycott in Montgomery. Alabama. Montgomery’s black community had long standing grudges about the mistreatment of inkinesss on the city’s coachs. Many white coach drivers treated inkinesss impolitely. frequently cussing them and mortifying them by implementing the city’s segregation Torahs. which forced black riders to sit in the dorsum of coachs and give up their seats to white riders on crowded coachs.

By the 1950’s. Montgomery’s inkinesss discussed boycotting the coachs in an attempt to derive better treatment- but non needfully to stop segregation. On December 1. 1955. Rosa Parks. a prima member of the local subdivision of the NAACP. was ordered to give up her place to a white rider. When she refused. she was arrested and taken to imprison. Local leaders of the NAACP. particularly Edgar D. Nixon. recognized late arrived King’s public speech production gifts as great assets in the conflict for black civil rights in Montgomery. King was shortly chosen as president of the MIA. the organisation that directed the coach boycott.

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