Comparison Between Mahathir and Najib

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Comparison between Mahathir and Najib in Foreign Policies Dr. Mahathir In re-prioritising his foreign policy after coming to power in 1981, Dr Mahathir wanted to maintain close relations with the Muslim world. As such has accorded the Organisation of Islamic Conference (OIC) a high priority in Malaysia’s foreign policy. His efforts were rewarded when in October 2003, Malaysia was given the Chairmanship of OIC. We cannot deny the facts, Mahathir did achieve something.

He came at the right time when the economy was doing well. One of his first steps was also to release political detainees at that time. Dr Mahathir wanted to enhance Malaysia’s role in international affairs through an assertive and active foreign policy, summed up as a foreign policy of active internationalism. He has been successful in putting Malaysia on the world map. This could be seen in the growing recognition accorded to Malaysia by several international organisations by the latter half of the 1980s.

He re-prioritised the country’s foreign policy and positioned the Islamic world and OIC as second only after the ASEAN region. I think is a good indication that many person wish for a return to the good old days of Mahathir dominance. Dato

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Seri Najib Tun Razak Since his coming to power, Dato Seri Najib has visited many countries, including Indonesia, Brunei, Singapore, China and France. If at all “country visits” can be of indication as to the priorities of foreign policy, then Dato’Najib’s would be towards the East Asian region, especially ASEAN and China.

I think he’s just as bad as Dollah in that he only cares about…. well, think about the spirit of the saying “wine, women and song. ” I could be wrong, but he strikes me as a man of great greed and personal excesses. He’s not a bloodthirsty guy or particularly iron fisted but I suspect that if push comes to shove, he will have absolutely no hesitance to engage in illicit and inhumane tactics to protect his position and interests.

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