Comparing and contrasting meiosis and mitosis

FunctionMitosis: cell nucleus divides somatic cell growth-growth and repair
Meiosis: produce gametes
Location in bodyMitosis: everywhere except for sexual organs
Meiosis: sexual organs ( testes/ ovaries)
Number of daughter cellsMitosis: 2 identical daughter cells
Meiosis: 4 no identical daughter cells

Change in chromosome numberMitosis: starts with 24 and results in 24
Meiosis: starts with 16 and results in 8
Number of phasesMitosis: 4
Number of cell divisionsMitosis:one
Meiosis: two
Difference in DNA between parent and daughter cells
Haploid vs. diploidMitosis: diploid
What type of reproductionMitosis: asexual reproduction
Meiosis: sexual reproduction
ProducesMitosis: produces somatic. Cells
Meiosis: produces sex cells
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