Compare the ways poets show peoples relationships

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The poem starts off on a positive note as Wordsmith initially steals a boat with confidence but whilst rowing he discovers the mountains towering above him therefore he feels threatened so he decides to turn back With trembling oars I turned’. The poem ends with Wordsmith feeling depressed and Isolated. Both the poems use imagery to describe the mountains, in Below the Green Courier McCain uses simile to suggest threat from the mountain, the mountains gathered mound me like bandits’. This suggests threat because of the large size of the mountains and the fact that bandits are seen as violent.

On the other hand in ‘The prelude’ there are also signs of similes being used such as ‘measured motion Like a living thing’, this also suggest threat because Wordsmith Is seeing the mountains as alive as if it is looking down on him. Wordsmith sees this as a threat because of the size and the way they towered up’ above him. Both the authors use repetition to exaggerate a thought or feeling, McCain uses petition to explore the power that the mountain has over him, full of threats, full of thunders’. The repetition exaggerates the bad omen that the mountains present.

Only In the second stanza does the attitude towards the mountains change. Wordsmith uses repetition to emphasize the fear and panic to get away from the mountains as he ‘struck and struck again’. He is panicked because the mountains come across as torturous and make him feel venerable and small because of their enormous size. Both the authors express the salary feelings towards the mountains at one point wrought their poems. Nature has impacted on man by making them feel threatened and powerless due to the large size of the mountains.

McCain has expressed a threat that the mountains have placed on him in the first stanza because of the way they ‘gathered round’ him ‘like bandits’. This shows that the mountains make him feel small and insignificant. In the ‘Prelude’ Wordsmith expresses his pleasant images of trees… No colors of green fields’. This shows that nature has impacted negatively on his life as the world has come about in a bland melancholy eight. Wordsmith feels isolated and depressed as nature has formed a relationship with him leaving him feeling empty and alone.

On the other hand both the authors have had a change of thought about nature throughout their poems and have formed a positive relationship with it at one point. McCain changes his tone in the second stanza as he uses the word ‘but’ as he starts to spiritually connect with the mountains. This occurs because he becomes emotionally attached to nature as he finds it fascinating and powerful. He shows this Hough by extending the metaphor of the ‘bandits’ by saying that they gave’ him their money and their lives’.

He also shows this emotion by saying that he was ‘enriched with an infusion of theirs’ and describes the mountains as ‘marvelous prowlers’. On the other hand Wordsmith forms a connection with nature at the start of his poem as he describes the patterns the water made as ‘small circles glittering idly in the moon’, this metaphor shows that he admires nature and its beauty. Both the authors use personification to describe the mountains; McCain describes he mountains as ‘swashbuckling.

This shows that he is forming a relationship with nature as he sees it as alive and fearless. He is also forming a relationship because he sees the mountains as adventurous and heroic as he is less threatened by nature. On the other hand Wordsmith uses personification to describe the mountains as a threat as he says the mountain ‘appeared its head’ and towered up between me and the stars’. He describes the mountains as if they are giants. He has formed a relationship with nature where by nature has imposed a threat and he is powerless toward it.

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