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Brown Brothers ; How Negative Stereotypes Affect Polynesian And Maori In New Zealand ‘My demographic is: high school cleaning ladies. fast nutrient burger-making. mill boxpacking. rubbish truck drivers. coach drivers. cab drivers. sober drivers and populating off the pension joy riders — I am a dropout. ’ These are all thoughts raised and challenged by Joshua Iosefo’s 2011 viral address. ‘Brown Brother’ . ‘Brown Brother’ is one of three texts that will be examined. compared and contrasted in this essay. The 2nd text. ‘Manurewa’ . is a short movie based on the South Auckland slaying of Navtej Singh. a spirits store proprietor. The 3rd text is ‘Fish Heads’ . a short narrative written by Aparina Taylor. that focuses on a group of Maori male childs who live in the metropolis.

The media is a immense perpetrator for the negative stereotyping that has been brought upon pacifica people. Brown people are more than what they are portrayed to be through media. Movies such as ‘Manurewa’ reinforce many of the negative stereotypes that have been brought upon Pacific people. The stereotype of ‘brown’ people is a negative 1. one of unemployment. one of offense. one of force. In ‘Manurewa’ each one of these stereotypes were portrayed. The work forces in the short movie were all unemployed. all committed offense and all showed force.

“Bro Town. Sione’s Wedding. and do I have to advert the GC? Now I don’t average to condescend – I mean these shows are great. don’t acquire me incorrect – but can anyone explain: will there of all time be a clip when our representation goes deeper than seting our ain people to dishonor? ” Joshua Iosefo. in his ‘Brown Brother’ address. spoke about this issue – how the media represents ‘brown’ people in a negative visible radiation. He highlights how these types of shows create and enforce the stereotypes that ‘brown’ people now have to populate by. While these shows are meant to entertain. this negative support merely show the bad side of Polynesian and Maori people.

One of the major subjects of the movie ‘Manurewa’ is about people being trapped by low outlooks and unseeable boundaries. Peoples can go trapped from achieving success. trapped from carry throughing their possible. and trapped from being heard. The message in the movie ‘Manurewa’ is that non all ‘brown’ people are bad. but the outlooks that their stereotypes have created for them along with the people that they are surrounded with frequently leads to them doing hideous errors. In this true narrative. a good individual has been surrounded with unemployed. violent people and finally ends up perpetrating a slaying. In the beginning of the movie the male child shows that he does hold love and passion in his bosom through eating and fostering the Equus caballus. After the slaying the three older work forces are happy and aroused but the male child was wholly distressed about what he had done. These two scenes clearly show that the male child is a good individual who merely made a bad errors because of the people that he was surrounded by. When Joshua Iosefo performed ‘Brown Brother’ at the Tedx conference. he explained how brown people are trapped because of outlooks. and milieus. Meaning that the outlooks that have been set from the stereotypes every bit good as the people that they are surrounded by impact greatly and about pin down brown people from success. He used a box as an illustration. where he explained that each side of the box needs to be kicked down in order for Maori and Polynesian people to win.

Peoples need to do the alteration themselves through their ain actions. ‘Brown’ people need to halt being what the stereotypes expects them to be and necessitate to get down turn outing that they are better than the stereotype. In the short narrative. ‘Fish Heads’ the Maori male childs are short of money but they do non allow this halt them. All four male childs are employed. they all work for the small money that they have and they show that there is no ground to populate the manner that the stereotype expects them to populate. They are non violent. they do non perpetrate offenses and they do non imbibe intoxicant overly. They respect people and they are happy populating a simple wholesome life. Similarly. Joshua Iosefo negotiations about crushing the stereotype. about standing up and demoing that you are better than the stereotype. “You can make all things through Christ. Philippians 4:13. You are more than capable. And I don’t say that merely to do you experience better. I say that because I know. Cause your Godhead told me to state you so. You will travel topographic points. you will state narratives. so do non experience afraid or entirely for your God and your household and your place will everlastingly be inside the marrow of your castanetss. So do non fuss. make non repent. For where you go. you take us with you. Brown brother. make non be afraid to be the first. the first to graduate. the first to mount. the first premier curate. or the first good married woman — brown brother. make non be afraid to be the alteration. Not in skin tone or coloring material. but a alteration in mentality.

From one brown brother. to another” . These are the powerful words that Joshua pointed at people populating under the outlooks that the stereotype has set for them. This powerful message is aimed st those who have been beaten by the outlooks that have been set by the stereotype. The three texts. ‘Manurewa’ . ‘Brown Brother’ and ‘Fish Heads’ clearly illustrate that there are negative stereotypes and low outlooks for Polynesians and Maori in New Zealand. These stereotypes can take people to experience that they are stuck and defined by their stereotype. Joshua Iosefo’s address. talked of the stereotype that was his ‘demographic’ but besides said that Polynesians needed to be responsible for get the better ofing or altering this stereotype. In the movie ‘Manurewa’ . the inability for Isaac to get away from this rhythm of negativity lead the one time caring adolescent to tie in with bad people and finally lead to him slaying an guiltless adult male. Whereas in contrast. the text ‘Fish Heads’ showed that if people are removed from negative environments and influences. they are able to populate in a non-stereotypical manner.

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