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From the list of companies’ preferred qualities for an employee, one can easily notice several American cultural reflections (Hellriegel 422). To begin with, the American cultural belief in measurable achievements as a success indicator makes it paramount that an employee has an excellent academic performance. The American society, therefore, evaluates individuals’ past observable achievements. Additionally, the American functional thinking, where everything is believed to focus on problem solving, requires that a professional is trained on a specialized field directly relevant to his profession. “They [Americans] usually display more interest in how to get things done…” (Stewart 29). Apart from having a bachelor’s degree, a financial analyst, therefore, is expected to have specialized in particular fields such as accounting, which is believed to equip an employee with relevant skills of solving accounting problems.

Despite the reality of social disparities in the American society, the socio-cultural value of free interaction among society members can still be felt in American companies (Freeman 8). As a matter of enhancing social interaction among companies’ work force, employees are expected to show high integrity and respect to each other. For a cohesie work force, American companies require high level of personal integrity that is believed to instill trust among employees. Trust fosters healthy interpersonal relations and results in a better social work environment.

As part of company’s problem solving strategy, employees are expected to have analytical skills (Hellriegel 262). These are skills which are vital for diagnosis of workplace issues before reacting to them. Additionally, the American society’s belief in motives behind any action makes it necessary that members of the society understand what motivates one to act as they do. “Both ambition and altruism serve as motives that drive people to act as they do” (Stewart 76). Understanding of motives, therefore, calls for analytical skills of an employee. The financial sector requires numerous decisions to be made concerning issues such as organizations’ budget. For proper decision making, financial expert, therefore, must be ready to logically analyze financial information in order to achieve company’s financial goals.

Every employee is further expected to communicate clearly, especially while working in a group of people (Hellriegel 408). The American society’s style of thinking makes them rely much on verbal communications rather than nonverbal. As a result, Americaan companies have adopted clear verbal communication so as to avoid ambiguity and misunderstanding that are likely to result from vague expressions. Culture makes Americans less sensitive to nonverbal behaviors. “The Japanese are typically more sensitive than Americans to nonverbal behavior” (Stewart 29). A financial expert is, therefore, expected to listen actively, convey information effectively, and, most importantly, share ideas in an understandable manner.

Due to American belief in motivation as a catalyst of success, most companies tend to hire self-motivated employees with positive attitudes about his job and also about the organization. Finally, American society’s evaluation of self-worth through measurable achievements has encouraged these companies to hire individuals who are naturally motivated to perform.


Despite several changes that have taken place in the business world, it is still obvious that the impact of culture is still significant. For this reason companies and organizations should always plan their operations with regard to socio-cultural background of all stakeholders. Most importantly, social values of employees should always be taken into consideration if an organization wants to have strong and cohesive work force.

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