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Recruitment Policy Purpose To ensure that required staffs are appointed at required Interval for S-S Technology. Responsibility Relevant department manager shall responsible to submit staff requisition form upon staff requirement. HER manager shall review and arrange for recruitment as per requested information. Procedure When staff requirement request from concerned department manager who shall complete the staff requisition form and submit to HER. HER shall review and take approval from management for initiating recruitment process.

HER shall make vacancy announcement as appropriate ways such as Journals, newspaper, notices, etc and collect applicant’s C.V.. HER manager shall review collected C.V. and inform to applicants as appropriate ways for Interview. Interviewee or candidate shall fill application Issued by their selves. HER shall conduct the Interview and make decision for appointment for Interview. HER, related manager and GM shall make Interview for selected candidates. HER shall submit to management to get approval of new appointment. After selected candidate, HER shall fill record, personal data, and agreement on S-S Technology’s rules.

HER shall explain to new staff the S-S Technology rules detail and other requirements. Provisional period shall be defined as three months but it can be varied based on the assessment of department manager. If the performance of staff is found to be satisfactory after provisional period, department manager shall inform to HER for permanently appointment by appropriate way. HER manager shall issue permanent appointment letter after getting approval from management and inform to finance. HER staff shall keep all records of Taft In personnel data files.

References ; Employee Requisition, Application Form, Interview Assessment Form, Request for Medical Test Form, Appointment Letter, Evaluation of New Employee’s Job Performance, Permanent Letter, Personal data(C.v… Etc. Performance Appraisal Policy The purpose Is to give each employee to know how their performance, behavior and potential are evaluated by manager to Improve confidence, to provide Improvement of work performance. Responsibility Department manager is responsible for analyzing competency of responsible staff heir performance in yearly basis.

MD/GM is responsible to make performance evaluation for managers. Requirements For manager level – MD/GM shall conduct performance evaluation of managers and above level. – For below manger level – Department manger shall conduct performance evaluation and submit appraisal form to HER. – HER manager shall review and compile proposed comments from appraisal and discuss with MM/ Managers to proceed for improvement. – HER manager is responsible to review appraisal outcomes in order to provide necessary training program or provision or resources. –

HER manager and related manager shall discuss to upgrade skills of employee and to determine training needs including resource requirements on yearly basis. References Performance Appraisal, Master Skills Matrix. Training Policy To ensure staff are competent to perform their task and ensure to provide necessary training at requested interval. Responsibility HER is responsible to prepare and arrange the training plan after getting approval from management. Department manager is responsible to evaluate their staff competency and communicate with HER for arranging required training.

Procedure HER manager shall prepare the training plan based on training requests from department managers and take approval from management. Upon requirement of training, department manager shall fill the nominations for training course and submit to HER. HER shall submit to management for getting approval from management. HER manager and related manager shall arrange the training requirements at requested time. After training is completed, HER manager shall keep the training records such as nomination, record list, course register, evaluations.

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