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Development of any organization is determined by the way the company is managed. Management team, therefore, plays a very important role within the organization. The main resource of any organization which needs to be utilized in order to enhance productivity is human. Human resource manager is in charge of all the employees and should, motivate and develop them effective for the benefit of the company.

Human resource development is very essential in every organization thus there must be proper strategy of doing it. “The process of developing Human Resource strategies involves the adoption of a contingent approach in generating strategic human Resource Management options and then making appropriate choices” (Armstrong, 2006). Human resource manager should determine the employee’s talent and capitalize on them, also is good to consider their interest and thus being in a better position to train an equip employees with relevant skills. Equal opportunity should be given to all workers and value any idea they have should not be overlooked. Innovation and creativity should be encouraged and motivation methods like rewarding, promotion etc. should be used.

There must be proper relation between employees and employer; this gives employee guide on how to express their grievances and also mangers should ensure that proper measures are put in place to handle any grievances which may arise in an organization. Unions of employees should be encouraged to present their needs and negotiate with organization on their behavior. According to Gennard and Judge (2005) “The aim of employee relations is to resolve areas of conflicting interest and to identify and pursue areas of common so as to maintain the business organization” (P. 19). When there is a good relation between employees and employer results to satisfaction to both in woorking environment and thus can boost productivity of the organization.

Developing human resource doesn’t end on training and equipping employees with skills but also involves retaining them in the organization. Employees turn over can have a very negative impact to the company and thus proper plans should be put in place to retain them. The process of developing human resource is expensive and company can’t afford to let go the personnel in which it has invested heavily in. Employees are the most valuable resource of an organization and they should be handled with care.

In conclusion company management should be done effectively and a lot of emphasize should be put to it in order to improve productivity of the company. Management plans and strategies should be adhered to keep the focus of the company objective. Management also needs to motivate employee in enhance the performance.

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