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Owing to business changes in modern-day business, there is surfacing of opportunities and strengths that organizations ought to take advantage of them so as to augment their business operations. However, it should be noted that there are threats and weaknesses to such firms which hinder their business growth since it may lead to reduction in efficiency and for this reason a turn down in revenues. The WorldCom Company was regarded as an organization that majored in the provision of telecommunication services globally through its networking of the fiber optic technology.

The company is situated in Clinton . Research indicates that the company has employed more than 50,000 employees. It is reported that the organization faced a major drop in its business outcomes. In the year 1999 the company started to perform poorly whereby by the year 2002 it had already started to have scandals regarding its accounting activities which led to a great bankruptcy This bankruptcy was one of the major historical events that led the founder and the then CEO to be imprisoned for twenty five years.

The bankruptcy led to great losses to the investors which eventually led to the failure of the company. Internal Factors The chief venture of any business including WorldCom is supposed to maximize its profits so as to give the best probable returns to owners for the capital they have invested in such business ventures. In order to realize this objective, firms must be effective and efficient in its production operations. For that reason, therefore WorldCom relied on its internal features for resourceful and successful operations.

Research reveals that the main internal fundamentals comprises of, qualified workforce, physical resources and equipment, production and operations, financial stability as well as market know-how. Such aspects may lead to either strengths or weaknesses of a firm (Cullen and Boteeah, 2005). Strength in this context can be described as a distinguishing competence that WorldCom could have done comparatively better than its rivals and which the firm had and enhanced the accomplishments of its set objectives. WorldCom Corporation had a strong brand name that aided the business firm to have a competitive advantage when compared to its rivals.

The company’s products were well known and therefore it was best placed than its rivals. The other strength is that of best marketing network that made the corporation in the past to do well in its operations. WorldCom Corporation had earlier opened numerous branches and thus it had distributed its products without any distribution problem. The corporation had the most excellent distribution channels that were a formidable strength that had arguably assisted the corporation to control the market for a long time over the past (Anthony, 1998).

Another strength associated with WorldCom Corporation was the capability to spot the market segments and hence attained an excellent competitive position of the corporation. WorldCom had a lot of customers that it served over the past when compared to its rivals which were not able to secure such large market share. Also the corporation had a strong financial base thus it had embarked in the future plans by developing core operating units that aided the corporation to realize an enabling firm structure.

A weakness in this context can be described as any feature of WorldCom that hindered the firm from achieving its set goals. More often than not, it entails the corporation’s assets, resources, and potentials. Most up-to-date research reveals that WorldCom Corporation was faced with a number of weaknesses that hindered its success. The first weakness that was reported was that of production of poor quality products that had left its customers dissatisfied and thus they opted to purchase WorldCom’s substitute’s products offered by its competitors.

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