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A graph dry density against moisture content was plotted to show the relationship between moisture content and dry density. From the results obtained, we can calculate the values of bulk density for each stage by formula . Then, we can get the values of dry density for each stage by formula . By the technique of gradual compaction on a soil sample within four different stages of moisture content increments using a standard compaction apparatus, a series of the soil’s dry density per moisture content data is obtained. The data then is used to now that the moisture content minor influenced the value of dry density.

But the bulk density more influence the value of the dry density. When the value of bulk density higher, the value of dry density also higher. Lot show that in compaction test the water added to the mould will influence the value of dry density. From the graph, the maximum dry density that was obtained is while the optimum water content is 14. 9%. From the experiment we can identified several error that can influenced our result that is strong wind from outside and fan. Make sure the surrounding during the experiment is suitable.

For example the air flow of the place is not very windy to avoid the rate of dryness of the soil sample is higher and ensure that the data is accurate. CONCLUSION From the graph we can get the maximum value of moisture content that is 14. 9%. Beside that,the value of maximum of dry density is 1. 511 MGM/mm . The compaction characteristics of soil are determined by using standard proctor test. The experiment is achieved, thus the objective is accepted.

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