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Estimated Time Teaching Will Last: 2 periods, about 50-55 proceedingss in length. | Location of Teaching: Urban High School | Supplies, Material, Equipment Needed: Laptop, Overhead Screen, Condoms, DVD, Chalk, Pens, Paper, Index Cards | Estimated Cost: Laptop is owned by instructor already, screen for PowerPoint provided by school, extra stuffs about $ 75- $ 100 dollars ( including purchase of educational DVD ) . | Community and Target Aggregate: Adolescents chiefly 9-10th graders | Subject: Prevention of Sexually Transmitted Diseases |

Epidemiologic Rationale for Topic ( statistics related to subject ) : Adolescents engage in sexual hazard behaviours that have indecent wellness results. The statistical informations provided from the CDC is dismaying: * 46 % had of all time had sexual intercourse 34 % had had sexual intercourse during the old 3 months, and, of these * 39 % did non utilize a rubber the last clip they had sex 77 % did non utilize birth control pills or Depo-Provera to forestall gestation the last clip they had sex * 14 % had had sex with four or more people during their life * An estimated 8,300 immature people aged 13–24 old ages in the 40 provinces describing to CDC had HIV infection in 2009 * Nearly half of the 19 million new STDs each twelvemonth are among immature people aged 15–24 old ages Nursing Diagnosis: Hazard of STD infection related to deficiency of cognition of STD bar as evidenced by teenager sexual behaviour. Readiness for Learning: Identify the factors that would bespeak the preparedness to larn for the mark sum. Include emotional and experiential preparedness to larn. Students express:

Sexual feelings toward the opposite/same sex.
Curiosity about their sexual organic structures.
Asking inquiries about sex and their organic structures.
Actively engaged in sexual dealingss with others.
Learning Theory to Be Utilized: Explain how the theory will be applied. Harmonizing to Vygotsky, “the Social Development Theory argues that societal interaction precedes development ; consciousness and knowledge are the end merchandise of socialisation and societal behavior” ( Learning-Theories.com ) . As the writer and presenter, I genuinely believe that teenagers’ biggest influences in their lives are their equals. I will utilize presentations and activities that encourage interaction, in hopes that the teens will in kernel learn from one another. MTV and Facebook are really much engrained in the civilization of striplings ; I believe utilizing these illustrations in my presentation are representative of teens societal behaviours, and in bend will maneuver them toward understanding the content of the proposal.

Goal: Healthy Peoples 2010 ( HP2010 ) aim ( s ) utilized as the end for the instruction. Include the appropriate nonsubjective figure and principle for utilizing the selected HP2010 aim ( usage at least one aim from one of the 24 focal point countries ) . If an HP2010 aim does non back up your instruction, explicate how your learning applies to one of the two overarching HP2010 ends. Taken from Healthy People2020 list of aims and statistical data/rationale, which can be found at: hypertext transfer protocol: //www.healthypeople.gov/2020/topicsobjectives2020/objectiveslist.aspx? topicId=37 STD–1: Reduce the proportion of striplings and immature grownups with Chlamydia trachomatis infections. * In 2008, 7.4 per centum of females aged 15 to 24 old ages who attended household planning clinics in the past 12 months tested positive for Chlamydia trachomatis infections. * In 2008, 7.0 per centum of males aged 24 old ages and under who enrolled in a National Job Training Program in the past 12 months tested positive for Chlamydia trachomatis infections. STD–6: Reduce gonorrhoea rates.

257 new instances per 100,000 population.
285 new instances of gonorrhoea per 100,000 females aged 15 to 44 old ages were reported in 2008.
220 new instances of gonorrhoea per 100,000 males aged 15 to 44 old ages were reported in 2008. STD–7: Reduce sustained domestic transmittal of primary and secondary pox.
1.5 new instances of primary and secondary poxs per 100,000 females were reported in 2008
7.6 new instances of primary and secondary poxs per 100,000 males were reported in 2008 STD–9: ( Developmental ) Reduce the proportion of females with human papillomavirus ( HPV ) infection. STD–10: Reduce the proportion of immature grownups with venereal herpes infection due to herpes simplex type 2. * 10.5 per centum of immature grownups tested positive for herpes simplex virus type 2 in 2005-2008. How Does This HP2010 Objective Relate to Alma Ata’s Health for All Global Initiatives ( See page 116 in the text edition ) ? The Healthy People 2020 aims are similar to the Alma Ata’s Global Iniatives which include combat HIV/AIDS, bar and command endemic diseases, and immunisation against infective diseases. The Alma Ata’s Global Iniatives’ chief end is to extinguish wellness disparities worldwide. Healthy People 2020 recognizes that these same disparities exist in the U.S. In respects to STD transmittal, HealthyPeople2020 recognizes that transmittal is straight affected by societal, economic, and behavioural factors. Develop Behavioral Aims ( Including Domains ) , Content, and Strategies/Methods: Behavioral Objective

and Domain | Content
( be specific ) | Strategies/Methods ( label and describe ) |
1. Students will be able to place the way of disease transmittal in relation to multiple sexual spouses. 1. STD’s are transmitted through sexual contact with an septic individual. Even though the pupil may hold had unprotected sex with one individual, the pupil is essence holding sex with all the people their spouse has had sex with. | 1. Introduction- In the beginning of the category, a presentation will take topographic point demoing pupils how STD transmittal can be passed from individual to individual via a fake transmittal. ( See terminal of proposal for presentation instructions. | 2. Students will be able to name the most common STD’s, along with two marks and symptoms, and two methods of bar.

2. Lecture and the PowerPoint presentation will dwell of the most common STD’s along with marks and symptoms, how they are acquired, treated, and prevented. ( The information will be retrieved from the CDC. ) | 2. After the talk, the pupils will prosecute in an synergistic piece. They will be divided into three squads ; they will be given a list of facts based on the talk.

They can in turn make the facts into fiction. They will so inquire the opposing squads true/fact or false/fiction in respects to their statements. The squad who answers the most right wins. | 3. Students will be able to specify abstention and list 3 refusal accomplishments. | 3. Abstinence is abstaining from sexual activity that involves the exchange of bodily fluids and/or venereal to genital or clamber to venereal contact. Abstinence is the 100 % manner of avoiding a STD.The followers are a list of refusal accomplishments: Say NO in a strong, steadfast voice * Say NO repeatedly ( broken record ) * Use strong confident organic structure linguistic communication that says NO Make your determination known * Avoid alluring state of affairss * Change by reversal the force per unit area * Change the topic * Suggest an alternate *

Leave the state of affairs | 3. This lesson will dwell of refusal accomplishments listed on the board and discussed ; so pupils will be put in groups of 2 or 3, they will be given a function drama scenario card. They will place the “pressure line/situation” and place an appropriate refusal accomplishment to utilize. They will role-play the state of affairs for the remainder of the category. | 4. Students will be able to place proper review, proper technique when puting a rubber on, and the proper manner to dispose of a rubber. | 4. Inspection: Use a new rubber in a certain package. Check the termination day of the month on the package. Check the rubber to be certain it is non lacerate or old. * If non expired, open the package carefully.Placement: * Use merely one rubber. Put the rubber on after the phallus is vertical and before any sexual contact. Pinch the tip of the rubber and to the full unwind the rubber down the full shaft of the phallus. * Use merely water-based lubricants.Removal: * Throw it in a trash receptacle. |

4. Condom Use Demonstration Video will be used to show proper review, usage, and discarding of rubbers. | Creativity: How was creativeness applied in the instruction methods/stategies? 1 ) The theory of transmittal was explained through a ocular affect. 2 ) The PowerPoint reversed the function of instructor when the pupils played the game 3 ) The abstention role-play scenarios brought existent life experiences to the schoolroom. 4 ) The picture allowed pupils to larn stuff without inside informations memorisation. Planned Evaluation of Objectives ( Outcome Evaluation ) : Describe what you will mensurate for each aim and how. 1 ) Questionnaire- Was the fake transmittal presentation utile? Did the ocular affect aid in placing the spread of STDs? 2 ) Pre-test and post-test- Identify the cognition base pupils had about STDs prior to the lesson so afterwards to mensurate if they gained any cognition. 3 ) Open dialogue- The abstention lesson can be hard for some pupils ;

I would go forth the forum unfastened for treatment. Based upon the replies I receive I will seek and estimate its effectivity. 4 ) Pre-assessment and post-assessment of rubber use- Prior to the picture, I will inquire the pupils how rubbers should be placed and so after the picture, inquire them if there is anything they will make otherwise. * Planned Evaluation of Goal: Describe how and when you could measure the overall effectivity of your instruction program. * At the terminal of the school twelvemonth, I will interview the school counsellors and the school nurse. I will inquire the counsellors if any of the pupils came to them for counsel and /or advice. I will inquire the school nurse if any pupils had asked for medical advice in respects to bar and intervention. * If I am a public wellness nurse, I will see local STD clinics listed in the presentation and obtain statistical information related to how many pupils came from my high school and what grade degree. I realize that HIPAA may restrict my entree to this information.

Planned Evaluation of Lesson and Teacher ( Process Evaluation ) : * I will hold the teens fill out an anon. rating tool of the category and of the teacher. The questionnaire will consists of inquiries such as: * Did this class run into your outlooks in the undermentioned countries: ( replies would rank in numerical order 1 ) decidedly no to 5 ) decidedly yes ) * How effectual was the presentation?

How make you rate the instructor’s cognition of the stuff presented? * How would you rate the presentations incorporated in the presentation? * Did the presentation run into your outlooks?

How would you rate the relevancy and utility of information given during the presentation? * How would you rate the instructor’s agreement of the stuff in the presentation? * How would you rate the quality of the stuff presented? * I would go forth feedback inquiries such as:

What was the most gratifying portion of the presentation?
What was the most deadening portion of the presentation?
How can this presentation be improved?
Then I would go forth room for remarks.
Barriers: What are possible barriers that may originate during learning and how will those be handled? * Feelingss of embarrassment: As the teacher, I will set up land regulations and will remind the pupils, that it is a natural inevitable route we all travel. * Disruptive pupils: Because of the nature of the subject, some pupils may hold effusions of an immature nature. I will airt pupils to the lesson and if necessary remove the riotous pupils. * Education Level and Possible Language Barriers: I will set learning degree based on the students’ instruction degree ; I may hold to utilize basic footings and speak easy. *

Communication: How will you get down your presentation ( hook them in ) ? How will you stop your presentation ( travel out with a knock ) ? What gestural communicating techniques will you use? Introduction:

At the beginning of the instruction work program, I will get down off with a presentation to present the subject and demo how easy it is to contract a STD. Before the category enters the room, I will set up for one pupil non to take part in the presentation. I will state pupils we are traveling to mix and take some clip to acquire to cognize everyone in the category. I will inquire the pupils to acquire up from their desks and travel next to pupils they do non cognize or non cognize really good. I will state the pupils to present themselves and agitate custodies with at least 3 other people. I will them to run into at least one individual from the other side of the room excessively.

As I am explicating this I will show by agitating custodies with a twosome of pupils. I will so teach the pupils to return to their desks and sit down. When everyone is seated and done meeting each other, I will denote to the category that I merely found out I have a ( STD ) disease that is spread through agitating custodies with others. I will teach the pupils that I shook custodies with in the beginning of the category to stand up ; so I have all those that shook custodies with them stand up, and will go on with activity until all pupils are standing except the 1 that did non take part. I will state the pupils that this is the same manner STDs are spread. I will state them when they have sex, you are non merely exposing yourself to that one individual but to everyone they have had sex with and so on. I will so inquire the pupil who did non take part in the presentation why they did non become septic. I will state the category that abstention is the lone manner to avoid undertaking a STD. I will inform the pupils that a STD is transmitted every 10 seconds. Ending:

At the terminal of the category, I will repeat the importance of how you can contract an Venereal disease without straight kiping with the septic individual. I will demo a YouTube picture foregrounding the MTV Stayin’ Alive Campaign. The picture MTV Staying Alive Campaign – YouTube demonstrates a Facebook transmittal of a practical STD. I think that utilizing these ocular messages will hit place to immature teens. In my general twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours covering with striplings through personal relationships and with work, I tend to believe childs in general are ocular scholars. They have to see it, to believe it. I besides think associating one of the biggest young person programming Stationss, ( MTV ) and Facebook makes for a smart entreaty to young persons.


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