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Achieving gender equality and authorising adult females are necessary to accomplish societal. economic and political development. Today. misss and adult females continue to profit from wellness and instruction services with adult females exceling work forces in registration and academic accomplishments in many state of affairss. Womans in Malaysia are besides more actively involved today in political relations and legion other national enterprises. Malaysia’s committedness and dedication to the promotion of adult females is apparent in many of its plans and policies in the last two decennaries.

In 1985. the Government of Malaysia formulated the National Policy on Women as a usher for women’s engagement in the development procedure. The Policy helps heighten women’s quality of life by get the better ofing challenges through poorness obliteration and instruction. The stature of adult females became a primary aim of the 6th Malaysia Plan ( 1991 – 1995 ) . where a particular fund for the development of adult females became a important and built-in measure towards authorising adult females in Malaysia. Subsequent Malaysia Plans continue to concentrate on the demands of adult females with recommendations to progress their place in society.

By holding to the committednesss set Forth in the Beijing Platform for Action at the UN Fourth World Conference on Women ( 1995 ) . the Government promised to 1 ) heighten the national machinery for women’s promotion ; 2 ) addition women’s engagement in decision-making ; 3 ) precaution women’s rights to wellness. instruction and societal well being and 4 ) take legal obstructions and gender prejudiced patterns. In 1995. the Government besides ratified the UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women ( CEDAW ) . In 2001. the Government created the Ministry of Women and Family Development with a authorization to turn to issues on adult females and elate the stature of adult females in the state.

Malaysia’s Constitution was amended in August 2001 to forbid favoritism in any jurisprudence on the footing of gender. The Government continues to play a important and supportive function in accomplishing greater gender equality in the state. by supplying a healthy environment for the promotion of adult females at both national and international spheres. The Ministry of Women. Family and Community Development which is responsible for turn toing women’s issues in Malaysia has had its budget addition from RM 1. 8 million ( US $ 0. 5 million ) in 2001 to RM 30. 5 million ( US $ 8. 6 million ) in 2005. showing the country’s serious committedness to the cause.

Future challenges to be considered include: turn toing the continued poorness among female-headed families ; battling force against adult females ; raising the effectivity of gender mainstreaming schemes ; cut downing women’s hazard of undertaking HIV ; taking attitudinal challenges that impact capacity-building ; and raising the degree of women’s engagement in the labour force. in concern and in political relations and authorities.

KPWKM is headed by a Minister. presently held by Datuk Seri Shahrizat Abdul Jalil ( UMNO ) . She is assisted by a Deputy Minister. presently held by Senator Heng Seai Kie ( MCA ) . The undermentioned sections and bureaus are under the horizon of the KPWKM:

* Department for Women’s Development In 1975. the Government set up the National Advisory Council on the Integration of Women in Development ( NACIWID ) as the machinery to guarantee the engagement of adult females in development. In 1983. the Secretariat for Women’s Affairs ( HAWA ) in the Prime Minister’s Department was established to take over the undertakings of the NACIWID Secretariat. From 1997. HAWA functioned as a section under the former Ministry of National Unity and Social Development. In 2001. the Department was placed under the so freshly established KPWKM and restructured as the Department for Women’s Development ( DWD ) . By 2002. the DWD had set up subdivision offices in every province in Malaysia. [ 7 ]

* Social Welfare Department Initially set up in 1946 as the Community Welfare Department of Malaya. the Social Welfare Department ( SWD ) has evolved in carry throughing its function in national development. From ab initio being involved in extenuating the societal jobs brought approximately by the immediate post-war period. the function and maps of this section hold expanded to cover bar and rehabilitation services in societal issues every bit good as community development. [ 8 ]

* National Population and Family Development Board The National Population and Family Development Board ( NPFDB ) was established in 1966 to better the generative wellness position of adult females and work forces and promote household planning. It has since evolved to include policy and consultative functions by helping contrivers and programme directors to incorporate population and household development into sectoral development programme planning every bit good as facilitate policy shapers to see population and household development factors in the preparation of national development policies and schemes. [ 9 ]

* Social Institute of Malaysia The Social Institute of Malaysia was set up to advance professional and semi-professional preparation in the field of preparation and research every bit good as societal instruction to all societal workers from assorted degrees and groups from within and outside the state including non-governmental organisations. It presently operates from a 50-acre ( 200. 000 M2 ) campus in Sungai Besi that was completed in 2001.

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