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In this cartridge holder media focused towards altering behaviour and attitudes as effect of gender based force in Bangladesh, a developing state from South Asia. Different truths of gender based force like early matrimony, sexual torment, dowery and domestic force are covered in this media run. The audience is framed a being a powerful group of people in the society who are the existent portion of this force and can halt this status by altering behaviour and attitudes. By utilizing single fragment of the cartridge holder the manufacturer successfully framed all the persons in the society irrespective of age, sex, civilization to halt force against adult females.

Messages communicated:

Violence against adult females is a major wellness and societal job impacting virtually all societies, but frequently it remains hidden and unpublicized and in many states it is still accepted as portion of normal behaviour ( Heise et al. , 1994b ) . The visual aspect and manner of force vary in different scenes, but most of the force against adult females takes topographic point within households and the culprits are about entirely work forces who are or have been in a close relationship with the adult female ( Heise et al. , 1994a ) . Harmonizing to United Nations ( UN, 2011 ) information from different states shows about 15 % -76 % are targeted for physical and/or sexual force in their life clip and in most instances ( 9-70 % ) husbands or spouses are the culprits.

The life and liberty of a adult female including her productiveness, her capableness to care for herself and her kids are affected by force and these finally affects her overall wellness status and quality of life ( Garcia-Moreno and Watts ) . As a consequence they are the victims of forceful decease either straight ( through homicide ) or indirectly through self-destruction, maternal causes and AIDS. Multiple mental, physical, sexual and generative wellness results are derived from force and it is besides linked with assorted hazard factors for hapless wellness like intoxicant and drug usage, smoke and insecure sex. Violence during gestation has besides been associated with an increased hazard of abortion, premature bringing and low birth weight ( Campbell, 2002, Plichta and Falik, 2001 )

Covering with force against adult females is the key to achieving the Millennium Development Goal ( MDG ) 3 on adult females ‘s authorization and gender equality, every bit good as MDGs 4, 5 and 6. It is besides an issue of understanding and protection ( Organization ( WHO ) , 2005 ) .

To accomplishing the MDGs The Ministry of Women and Children Affairs ( MOWCA ) , Government of Bangladesh conducted a run to halt force against adult females in position to cut down poorness and accomplish development. The You Tube clip ‘Let us halt force against adult females, Let us do society a happier topographic point ‘ references different manners of force and the positive alterations in the society. The chief communicating aim of this cartridge holder is to raise consciousness about the results of different force in single life and in society. Furthermore it really efficaciously frames single motive and community action for alteration towards gender based force by larning from function theoretical accounts.

Media building and research on mark group:

The developers of this cartridge holder were aiming the population who are straight or indirectly involved in the act of force. They conveyed the existent experience of the people from different parts of the Bangladeshi society to animate people and the community actions framed in the cartridge holder besides draw attending of the people of the society to alter their attitude and behaviour.

Sing socioeconomic and class-based favoritism together with patriarchal nature of the society and gender relation Bangladeshi adult females are capable to assorted signifiers of force. Largely they are soundless victims and informants to domestic force, colza and other flooring Acts of the Apostless. To extinguish force against adult females in Bangladesh, one needs to dispute the fixed ‘rights ‘ and ‘roles ‘ of work forces and the societal control mechanisms that reenforce the laterality of work forces and subordination of adult females. Greater public consciousness to alter gender-biased attitude is the most of import stipulation to enable solutions to happen ( Kahn, 2005 ) .


Social media have created platforms for people to air information, ideas, and feelings about their day-to-day lives. The bulk of societal media sites are free to entree, where one can make a profile and station information. Access to information and communicating engineering ( ICT ) is turning every twelvemonth in all parts of the universe. About one in three people globally are utilizing the Internet.As entree improves, people are progressively utilizing the Internet to happen wellness information. About 61 % of grownups seeking online for wellness information ( Fox and Jones, 2009 ) .

Social media is a new and invariably developing country. The viral nature of societal media means that each individual who reads your stations has the capableness to distribute the intelligence farther within his ain web, so information can make a big figure of people in a short clip.


Though societal media is used progressively in the run of wellness administrations, , survey into the utility of societal media in public wellness runs is still in its childhood.A whereas the effectivity of traditional media for public wellness has been good established, there is a deficiency of good quality, peer-reviewed surveies straight proving the usage of societal media intercessions for desired results ( SCHEIN et al. , 2010 ) Furthermore, important groups of persons have limited entree to societal media.A Such groups include the aged, poorer states, and states with rigorous ordinance of societal media ( Chou Wy et al. , 2009 )

Role of societal media on Public Health

Social media is a great information equaliser that radically transforming the manner people communicates around the universe. Increased entree to the Internet and nomadic communicating associated with tactical utilizations of societal media can convey public wellness information to many more people, more rapidly and straight than at any clip in history.

Instant and borderless, it elevates electronic communicating to approach face to-face. Social media has changed the soliloquy to a duologue, where anyone with ICT entree can be a content Godhead and communicator. Health professionals should guarantee that information is right and accessible.

Images of unusual wellness events can be published proceedingss after they ‘ve occurred on YouTube or Flickr, with 1000000s of users. Cheap picture and still cameras, including those on nomadic phones, dramatically increase the figure of possible publishing houses globally. Twitter and other societal media tools might non convey wellness to all, but they can assist to convey accurate wellness information to many more people than of all time before. After all, one fact sheet or an exigency message about an eruption can be spread through societal media faster than any influenza virus. It ‘s an chance for wellness professionals to research, listen and prosecute.

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