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We mainly meet a general negative opinion to the internet, if we look at the article called “Sex, Lies and the Internet. ” For example he claims that, the internet destroys many people’s reputations and with it many people’s lives and how easy it is to lie. Also the Internet has become a medium where “the only rules are that there are no rules” (10). The Internet has been misused and we can only ask us self what we can expect of the future. 2. In Stuart Jiffies’ article “Technophobia – the sign of a born leader? He comments on world leaders use of technology. In his opinion it will mostly help a great leader to let others work the cyberspace, be a role model for the rest of the world and claim that he stays in touch with the modern world. To illustrate his claims he mention a lot of important and powerful people as former presidents of the United States, who did not own a mobile phone nor had the skills to write or send an e-mail. He takes this in perspective when he writes: “Like the Queen not carrying money, only really powerful people don’t do cyberspace.

They sit at computer-free desks thinking outside the inbox (12). The President of the unites States has an entire country to administrate, and his mind should not be bothered with unnecessary things. Jiffies also mentions what the Stanford Professor Donald Knuth has said about emailing: “Email Is a wonderful thing for people whose role In life Is to be on top of things. But not for me: my role is to be on the bottom of things” (24). If you possess the highest rank in your profession you need to create the groundwork and therefore your role is to be on the bottom of things.

He expresses his points of views in a very ironical way and therefore sometimes it is not clear what he actually says. 3. Does the Internet really make us dumber? No scientific research has ever been made that conclusive establishes that the Internet lowers our IQ. It is a shame, as Mark Berliner says, that In these times where the opportunities for education, political actions, and cultural activity is being overshadowed by the seductive websites. In the last 10 years Barreled have noticed that students are no less Intelligent and no less ambitious.

Meanwhile reading habits have slipped, while the use of the internet has increased, the general knowledge has sunken. The internet can be very information and gain knowledge. It has never been easier to purchase things you like. But the road to learn becomes easier we will fight less for it. When everything we need is one click on the browser we become lazier and therefore dumber too. Social networks like faceable and Namespace take a lot of especially the new young generation’s life. We need to focus on other social activities, so we will not end up as egocentric people.

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