Communication and Consulting

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Communication has always been considered vital in creating effective strategies to enhance and develop goals and objectives that are beneficial in work output and production. It is considered to be supplemental in helping people transcend borders and actively cooperate and work together to achieve a particular purpose. By doing this, each organization and company can maximize the potentials of its workforce and achieve their relative aims at the optimum level.

The same idea can be seen in the way consulting firms and companies have used communication as an instrument to promote change and gather clientele.It has always been their objective to harness this strategy by incorporating conventional and new trends so that they can cater to groups and organizations both young and old. In the end, by synchronizing the different elements of dialogue and messages, these entities maximize the capabilities available in the market. Determining its importance The course has been very influential in giving opportunities for students to learn numerous approaches wherein companies and firms can use communication as a tool for consulting.Since every business requires a particular form and model, this setup is important in determining the available opportunities to enhance not only on social relationships among workers but also on tasks and responsibilities given. Another important factor why companies consider this is the importance of each worker in an organization setup.

“People are the single ingredient that no organization—regardless of size or revenue—can thrive without” (S. Benjamins & Company, 2004, p. 1). Communication: An important assetImparting ones ideas towards the other has always been an integral aspect of consulting. Many consultancy firms have used this asset to gain trust and recognition for their actions to transcend not only on important matters but also establish a link among organizational norms and values. This objective helps them bridge the gap on what matters most to people.

This is why reaching out and determining what can be done is made to cater the needs of the many. Linking this to the lesson, the subject was able to provide its students an important insight of how in theory this can be made.The resource material was able to provide a good standpoint and ideas that can be made by consulting firms in using their capabilities to cultivate the way people communicate with each other. By determining this, it can provide a valuable asset on creating conversations and dialogues that are rooted on organizational standards and norms. At the same time, the course is able to enhance student participation of the subject because it invited speakers that showcase their experiences in consulting.

Each one was able to extract valuable outputs that are currently used in practice. Due to this, we were able to link what is taught theoretically and apply it in reality. This enabled us to expand our horizons and get a full grasp of the idea. Discovering potentials One important facet that I had learned in the subject was the consultant’s ability to discover potentials and weaknesses that are present within an organization or business entity.

In here, there are diverse methods that each firm can use in determining what available opportunities can be made.Under this duty, one must be keen and careful in determining the current setup and culture applied (ActToo, 2008). Due to this, they use numerous statistical data and interviews to determine what are deemed important and what are not. This practice ensures that the advisory and suggestions that can be made are effective and significant. I feel that being oriented about these pre-advisory procedures can help generate a good planning scheme for consulting firms.

They can recognize the lacking communication patterns or distinguish the barriers that continue to impede growth.Connecting this to what I had learned, I feel that I can use these methods not only in the realm of consulting but also on other processes. By first studying and observing a particular business or organizational model, proposing changes and solutions can be made in an easier way. At the same time, this is where consultants can decipher the communication models that individuals and groups make. By understanding these methods, consulting firms can better recognize what needs to be done. Since there are numerous factors that contribute to its creation and formalization, it is important that they look into these scenarios.

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