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Introduction The topic my group choose was Communication. Now when we thought about this we knew that this was such a broad topic. It can range from how people communicate, communication barriers, social networks, different forms of communication, how it can be used in the work place to how different genders react towards communication. Since me and my team members all originated in different generations we allotted different communication topics based upon how important they were to us or how they played a big role in the generation we evolved in.

Since I was born In the generation Y era my paper will focus on the evolution and the odder forms of media for example social media. E-mail and how communication Is an important factor in helping organizations improve safety. Research Question 1. What importance does communication have on relaying safety in organizations? 2. What is the prevalence of email usage? 3. What are the gender differences in social networking? Reviews of Literature The Impact of organizational climate on safety and Individual behavior In 2000, the Safety Science Journal released a study by Neal,A.

Griffin . The researcher acquired information from questionnaire responses from 2 samples of employees working at a manufacturing plant in the U. S. The workers shared how safety was implemented throughout the company in the questionnaire and about 1000 out of 9,000 workers were surveyed. This research was conducted to examine the importance of specific safety communication factors In relation to safety climate and safety behaviors. Neal stated that communication was amongst a range of factors that compromised safety climate.

When employees notice that you try to Implement safety communication It Is valued. A series of questions were involved in gathering data. It was determined that communicating with employees gave them a final structure that was composed of 3 actors (1) safety behavior (2) safety information- seeking intentions, and (3) safety communication satisfaction. Which concludes this research that it is beneficial to communicate with the employees so they can have a way of advising problems within their organization In regards to safety.

Interpersonal communication consequences of email non- response In 2009, The Florida Communication Journal released a study by Susan Gaston and Richard Pommel . What is the prevalence of email usage? As I stated in the Introduction the way we communicate has evolved drastically. The new arm of communication especially in businesses happens to be email. The article that I read was titled ” Interpersonal communication consequences of email non- response “. The authors Susan Gaston and Richard Pommel were researching how others Interpret an email when others do not respond and vice- versa.

Participants in this study were based on three focus groups with about 5-9 members I each and all together they were 25 participants involved in this research. The applicants were nontraditional students enrolled in communication courses in private liberal arts ranging in various ages less than 20 to over 50. There were 14 Caucasians, 5 Hispanics and 2 African Americans and 1 Asian. Out of the 25 participants 14 worked that over the last decade, email has dramatically become common in today’s society. It also suggests that we may not be aware of the interpretation of the messages we send when we do not respond to a requested email .

The individuals that attributed in this research all responded differently to the non-response of others when compared to their own actions. To conclude this research the researchers gathered prevalent data that was essential for the participants regarding their own responsiveness in future email communication. The social networking arena: Battle of the sexes. Social Networking , In 2009 a research was conducted by T Clinton which proposed his question What are the gender differences in social networking?

The purpose of this article is to make aware of the dramatic increase in the demand of social networking within the different genders. It Intel’s how the two genders have different expectations for social networking and how they use it differently. Participants in this study were based on Backbone statistics. For example a recent Forbes article reported that Backbone is currently 57% populated by female and the there 43% were male. Also a study was collected from four public universities; Junco, Emerson, Salter and Tufted.

The researchers found that women spend more time sending text messages than men, as well as spending more time on social networking sites. The study conducted at Tufted University found that in the Western culture social networking was use for purposes such as connecting and keeping up with family members and friends. Conclusion The purpose of my paper was to find three different forms of communication and how I could relate them to the evolution of society. I had three different reactions to el three of my questions . What importance does communication have on relaying safety in organizations?

My reaction was very simple if you keep an open line of communication with your employers you will have a positive outcome within you r business. Surveys, Questioners and appreciation days for your surveys it creates a positive work environment and it ensures you’re employees you are listening. The second conclusion was in reference to the prevalence of email. Being in today’s society we are evolving to become more technologically advanced. E-mailing is the new form of communication. Yes it has altered communication dramatically and it reduces selective attention biases.

Since the evolution of technology some people are still left back in time while you still have the older generation talking face to face and the younger generation communicates totally through email or social networking or email. The article was based on the feelings of others and how they would be affected if an email is unresponsive I think it will have a stronger impact on the younger generation because that’s what we learned and society has made it acceptable for the lack of communication. Lastly this was based on the gender roles ND how they use social networking.

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