Our rough sketches never seemed to end and after weeks of pondering thoughts, collaborating art work – creating color schemes, searching for the perfect font, the perfect border line pictures – we created a small spark that helped us start our website. The spark ignited with new and better ideas, we finally knew where we were going and how we were going to get it done with. The slideshows of pictures which is visible to all, are a selection of a few pictures that show the customers the range of products we offer.

I’ve taken a picture of a couple which represents Jack & Susan Itself. The Motto, ‘Your choice helps us complete our passion. Beleaguered Make our home your favorite place. ‘ As a team, we knew that one way to gain more users and to increase customer satisfaction is to make things easy for the customers. When comfort is created, a friendly atmosphere is automatically built which would lead to positive effects for the company as a whole. The very unusual yet common names created for the tabs, adds a personal touch to the website.

We did not want to choose the usual common tabs that can be seen in every website (Home, Menu, Gallery, Delivery, etc). Since we were creating a website for a bakery, I decided to try and connect, the regular name tabs with names that are used every day in a bakery. The website embraces cooking and creativity within the kitchen, it encourages people to indulge themselves not only in Beleaguering cuisine but also in the art of cooking. Chefs corner has Three main features, the first being the recipe of the day , the second being the recipe book and last but not least the recipe submission capability.

We encourage all our viewers to try new recipes or send In some of their own recipes o we can showcase It In our “top five recipes of the week” In our recipe book. Chefs corner Is one of the mall links of communication between our establishment and each customer for several reasons such as the comment section within the recipe book. We believe that posting up recipes enables us to help reach within our viewers and help them tap their inner culinary skills. Furthermore, with each recipe database.

The recipe submission proves to be an effective “lock in” on potential clients as it encourages them to keep checking the website for new recipes allowing hem to browse through our gallery or our shopping cart where they can order in a few delights. We believe that in order for us to create a stronger database and a more prominent standing in the market we had to increase our publicity therefore we created a backbone page. The website is linked to backbone and twitter, which are known to be popular means of communications in towards world.

The part of the website which was given to me was the ‘Kitchen’, normally in a kitchen of any household, food is made, recipes are created, and hunger is quenched. Sticking to that motto, we decided to place the menu of the bakery in the Kitchen’ section; it consisted of three menus – Breakfast, Lunch & Drinks menu, which goes hand in hand with the other two menus. In the main kitchen tab, I’ve placed three different links so customers can visit any menu of their choice.

It also has a slideshows of pictures of which illustrate our kitchen environment, this was added to show how the workers work and how clean & neat the kitchen is. Once a user visits either of the three menu choices available, breakfast, lunch and/or drinks, they have an option to go back to the kitchen page and choose a different menu or go back to the homepage, simply by clicking our logo (top right corner). This makes it not only interesting to the customers but also easy to navigate around the website without getting confused or lost.

For example: – The positioning of pictures is different in every page, also in the breakfast page, I’ve added an additional link that would be of interest to customers, ‘Facts on Eating Healthy’, when the customer clicks on the link it takes them to our ‘backbone’ page, I’ve created this because it’ll give us a competitive edge. Once we show the customers that we care, they would tend to be loyal and happy with our products, this will allow our bakery as a whole to gain more customers.

Owing to the requirements of the project and the necessity to produce a professional and a proficient website which could catch a consumer’s eye, a well defined research on the background of the bakery was highly fundamental. In order to provide the basic outline of the bakery, which branches out to the various selections made based on the menu choice, location, history and more; background research was made. In any business strategy, the location and marketing expertise is an essential key point.

The location plays a vital part in deciding any restaurant’s or bakery business fate along with how the bakery is marketed. Hence research on location was made; eventually choosing Lyon; the ‘Gastronomic Capital of France’ as the central background of our French Bakery. Through location, any gastronomic outlets can decide the demand and sale of a certain product. Moreover, what actually draws a customer’s attention towards any bakery or restaurant is their choice of delectable attraction and business success which decides if the business can branch out to various other locations and if so where.