Combat Laser Sniper Gun Technology

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ONE SHOT ONE KILL is how Sniper Gun works. The term Sniper was foremost used in 1824 in the sense of word Sharpshooter. The chief intent of this gun is to destruct valuable marks at drawn-out scope. In most of the instances, mark agencies human existences ( enemy soldiers, armed terrorists and felons ) . The scope of such arm is between 100 to 1000 metres and it is particularly used in military and particular operations. Basically there are three types of sniper rifles: Military, Police/Law Enforcement and Special Task Sniper Rifles. Some of the best Snipers in universe are M24, USA ; Dragunav SVD, Russian ; Heckler and Koch XM-8, Germany and Vidhwansak AMR, Indian. Main aim of this reappraisal is to supply an penetration about types of sniper guns, their building, mechanism and how we can do them better utilizing Laser, Infra red, GPS system, Sniper sensors and Laser guided slugs to do sniper a complete solution for Army.


It has been hundred old ages now and Sniper is still the favourite plaything of Army. This is because of the design and capablenesss of this arm system and specialised Scopess, butt stocks and bipod agreements doing sniper more unsafe. However, proper preparation and experience can distinguish sniper from true crisp taw work forces. Sniper is now the ultimate closer, a true modern-day ninja which makes its ain manner few stat mis off. Sniper rifles come in a powerful array of automatic and bolt-action manners and makes. Most of the snipers are modified with specialised telescopic sights offering the best in accuracy-inducing biotechnologies. Sniper rifles have more late been fielded in the highly-lethal point 50 qualities round which is capable of perforating engine blocks and can go forth the human organic structures covered in organic structure armour. It is the best soldier as it has alone advanced in kick, specialized ammo and extremely proficient sight. Normally have this image of a sniper working entirely behind enemy lines, a sniper is merely made better by the usage of a spotter and together they make a sniper squad following the mark through his ain range and naming out accommodations in flight and air current age as needed. This working in unison provides a most powerful and lethally concealed component to any war. Consequently, it does non take excessively much experience to be trained in being a sniper type component on the opposite side. It so becomes a instance of the huntsman going the hunted [ 1 ] .

History of Sniper

Use of Sniper goes back to every bit early as Sixteenth Century ; sniper ‘s first victim was Takeda Shingen in Japan. In Britain Sir Lord Brooke, senior Parliamentarian was killed during English Civil War by sniper. Similarly this arm was besides used in American War OF Revolution. The first Rifle Regiments was formed by British Army during Napoleonic War. Use of such arm than started going the demand of ground forces as it was extremely accurate and was modified easy harmonizing to its demand. During American Civil War US Sharp taws who were trained under Colonel Hiram Berdnam killed more enemy than any other Union Army with their point fifty two caliber sniper rifle. In the same war Sg.Ben Powell sniped Major General John Sedgwick at a distance of 798 yd during conflict of Spotsylvania Court House. This arm was so used for blackwashs due to its high scope purpose by felons. Twentieth century changed the mentality of sniper. These guns were the chief arms in WORLD WAR I and II. Junior Lieutenant Vasily Zaytsev ( World War II ) – credited of killing 225 German soldiers during the Battle of Stalingrad. Gunnery Sergeant Carlos Hathcock has achieved 93 confirmed putting to deaths but believed to besides hold over 200 unconfirmed putting to deaths in Vietnam War. He held the record of longest confirmed putting to death at a distance of 2,250A m ( 2,460A yd ) ( made with a scoped M2 Browning machine gun ) for 35 old ages until 2002. Canadian soldier Corporal Rob Furlong, once of ( Operation Anaconda, Afghanistan ) holds the record for the longest-ever recorded and confirmed sniper putting to death at 2,430A m ( 2,657A yd ) utilizing a point 50 quality ( 12.7A millimeter ) McMillan TAC-50 rifle. Blessing of scientific discipline and engineering has changed the mentality of Military Weapons and these arms are transforming to new degree by every birth [ 2, 3 ] .

Basic Construction

Main parts of sniper gun

Main parts of sniper gun are:

Barrel and Receiver

Bolt with Bolt Support

Safety Lever Assembly



Upper Band Assembly

Hand Guard L.H.Assembly

Hand Guard R.H.Assembly

Sight Leaf Assembly

Front-Sight Base and Body Assembly

These can be farther split into assorted parts which are shown in Figure 1 and enlisted in Table 1 [ 4 ] .


Table 1: Assorted parts of sniper gun

Sr no


Sr no



Bolt Support


Front Sight Body


Open firing Pin








Steering Rod


Front Sight Base


Steering Bushing






Upper Band Assembly


Extractor Pin


Band Axle Pin


Open firing Pin Stud


Oil Seal Assembly


Extractor Spring


Hand Guard




Upper Band with Spring


Tax return Spring


Magazine Body Assembly


Sight Leaf Slide


Magazine Spring


Sight Leaf


Magazine Cover


Hand Guard, L.H


Sight Leaf Assembly


Pusher Spring




Gas Tube Latch




Gas Chamber


Accidental Shot Safety Device


Gas Piston


Open firing & A ; Trigger Mechanism


Gas Tube


Cover Axle Pin


Gas Regulator


Butt Assembly


Sniper chiefly works on the undermentioned mechanism:

a. Fire and Trigger Mechanism

B. Cover and Retracting Mechanism

Working of Sniper is really simple and basic ; it is a ego recharging arm. This recharging depends upon the energy obtained from pulverization gas which arc channeled from barrel dullard to piston gas. Upon fire, a certain sum of the pulverization gases following the slug flows through the port in the barrel dullard wall into the gas chamber, exerts force per unit area upon the forepart wall of the gas Piston and throws back the Piston with thruster and, accordingly, the bolt support into the rearward place. As the bolt support travels rearward, the bolt opens the barrel dullard ; the Cartridge instance gets removed from the cartridge chamber and ejected out of the receiving system. The bolt support compresses the return springs and cocks the cock ; i.e. engages it with the auto-safety cocking Cam. The bolt support and the bolt return to the front place under the action of the retracting mechanism ; as a consequence, the bolt feeds the following cartridge from the magazine into the cartridge chamber and closes the barrel dullard, while the bolt support disengages the auto-safety sear from the cock. The hammer gets cocked. The bolt gets locked, after it has been turned to the left and its lockup Lugs engaged with deferrals of the receiving system. To fire a shooting, it is necessary to let go of the trigger and imperativeness it anew. After the trigger has been released, the rod modes frontward and its hook prosecute the sear and, if pressed, the rod hook turns the sear and disengages it from the cock cocking Cam.

The cock actuated by the mainspring turns round its pin and strikes the fire pin. The latter travels frontward and impinges the primer. Therefore, a shooting is fired. With the last cartridge fired and the bolt returned to the rearward place, the magazine follower lifts the bolt gimmick ; the latter engages the bolt to halt the bolt support in the rearward place. Therefore, it is necessary to lade the rifle anew. The rifle has a gas regulator, which serves to alter kick velocities of traveling parts. Under conditions of proper serving with the parts lubricated, the gas regulator is set at division

a. On firing during a long clip without cleansing and lubricating and heavy soilure of the rifle, arrest may happen uncomplete kick of the moving parts. In this instance the regulator is set at division.

B. To alter the regulator from one places to another usage the rim of the cartridge instance or the cartridge [ 4 ] .


Science and Technology has lead to the development of new paradigm progress arm system. Some of the best snipers with their specifications in the universe are given in Table 2.

Table 2: Comparison of different types of Sniper guns [ 5-58 ] .

Name Of Sniper Gun


In Service




Effective Range

Feed System

Istiglal Anti-Material Rifle ( 5-13 )

Anti-materiel rifle



44.0 pound ( 20.0 kilogram )

Recoil-operated, revolving bolt

3,000A m ( 9,843A foot )

10-round detachable box magazine

FAMAE FD-200 ( 14 )

Designated Marksman Rifle



5.10A kilogram

Gas operated

800 m

SIG 542 compatible magazines

7.62 Tkiv 85 ( 15 )

Sniper rifle



7A kilogram ( 15.4A pound )

Bolt action

800A m ( 875A yd )

5-round magazine, loaded with 5-round courser cartridge holders

AccuracyInternational Arctic Warfare ( 16 )

Sniper rifle



6.5A kilogram ( 14.3A pound )


850A m/s ( 2,790A ft/s )

10-round detachable box magazine

Accuracy International AS50 ( 16 )

Anti-materiel rifle, Sniper rifle


1 AS50

27 pound ( 12.2 kilogram )

Direct encroachment

1,500 m

5 or 10 unit of ammunition detachable box

JNG-90 ( 17-20 )

Sniper rifle




Revolving bolt

1000 m


KNT-308 ( 21 )

Sniper rifle




bolt action

1000+ m

5-round detachable box

AMP Technical Services DSR-1 ( 23-27 )

Bolt action rifle


DSR-1 Subsonic ( 7.62x51mm NATO )

5.9A kilogram ( unloaded ) without range )


800A m -875A yd

5 unit of ammunition detachable box magazine

Brugger & A ; Thomet APR ( 28 )

Sniper rifle


APR308P, APR308S, APR338


Bolt-action, manually operated

1000-1038 yd

10-round detachable box magazine

Armalite AR-50 ( 29 )

Bolt action rifle


Armalite AR-30 ( smaller quality )


Bolt action


1 slug

AWC G2 ( 30-31 )

Sniper Rifle


G2, G2A, G2FA


Gas-Operated, revolving bolt


20 unit of ammunition magazines

Barrett M82 ( 32 )

Anti-materiel rifle


M82A1, M82A1A, M82A1M, M82A2, M82A3, M107


Recoil-operated, revolving bolt

1,800A m ( 5,906A foot )

10-round detachable box magazine

Blaser 93 Tactical ( 33 )

Sniper rifle


Blaser LRS 2

Blaser Tactical 2


Bolt action


5-rounds detachable box magazine

Bor rifle ( 34 )

Sniper rifle


Alex Tactical Sport



Bolt- action


10-round detachable box magazine

CheyTac Intervention ( 35 )

Sniper rifle




Turn bolt


7-round detachable box

CZ 700 sniper rifle ( 36 )

Sniper rifle



Bolt Action


10-round detachable box

C3A1 ( 37-39 )

Sniper rifle




Manually operated bolt action


5 unit of ammunition detachable box


( 40 )

Sniper rifle




Manually operated bolt action


5 unit of ammunition detachable box

Desert Tactical Arms Stealth Recon Scout ( 41 )

Sniper rifle




Bolt action


5-7 unit of ammunition detachable box

WKW Wilk ( 42 )

Sniper rifle




Manually operated rotary bolt action


7 unit of ammunition detachable box

VKS Sniper ( 43 )

Sniper rifle






5 unit of ammunition detachable box

United States Marine Corps Designated Marksman Rifle ( 44 )

Sniper rifle




Gas operated, revolving bolt. Semi automatic


5,10, and 20 unit of ammunition detachable box

United States Navy Mark 12 Mod X Special Purpose Rifle ( 45-47 )

Sniper rifle



Gas operated, revolving bolt. Semi automatic

600 paces

20 or 30 unit of ammunition STANAG magazine

United States Army Squad Designated Marksman Rifle ( 48 )

Sniper rifle




Gas-operated ( direct encroachment )


20 or 30 detachable box

T93 sniper rifle ( 49 )

Sniper rifle




Bolt action

Over 800m

5 unit of ammunition internal magazine

M110 Semi-Automatic Sniper System ( 50-52 )

Sniper rifle




Gas-operated, revolving bolt


10 or 20 detachable box

Heckler & A ; Koch HK417 ( 53 )

Battle rifle



Recce ( 16 ” barrel – criterion and accurized )

Sniper ( 20 ” barrel – accurized


Gas-operated, revolving bolt


10 or 20 detachable box

FN Special Police Rifle

( 54 )

Sniper rifle


A1, A1a, A2, A4, A3 G, A5 M


Bolt action


7.62×51 millimeter ( .308 Winchester ) :4-round detachable box magazine or 5-round internal box magazine

.300 Winchester Short Magnum:

3-round internal box magazine

Dragunov SVU ( 55 )

Sniper rifle




Gas operated, revolving bolt


10 or 20-round detachable box magazine

Vidhwansak Anti Material0 Rifle ( 56-57 )

Anti-material rifle




Manual bolt action



Promotions IN SNIPER

Sniper Location & A ; Gunshot Detection Systems

Snipers have become the 2nd greatest cause of human deaths in combat in present wars. Military personnels are frequently most vulnerable in stationary environments, such as when on margin or a Forward Operation Base ( FOB ) . Until late, sniper sensing and location systems were employed chiefly on vehicular and inactive installings, when manning guard towers, or out at nomadic checkpoints.

Two versions of gunshot locaters were discussed here. Both are being addressed by the US military, in an effort to better response effectivity and cut down exposure to onslaughts by sniper and little weaponries ambuscades. Gunshot locaters besides improve the war combatant ‘s situational apprehension in exigency state of affairss, peculiarly when reacting to scupper state of affairss. The Boomerang acoustic taw sensing system was developed by BBN to supply warning over sniper menaces. Today, over 1,000 Boomerang systems are operational worldwide and procurance of 8,000 extra systems is presently afoot. Initially, the system was installed on vehicles, but the most recent sweetenings, a inactive installing kit and portable system, complements the Boomerang to cover more manners of operation. Boomerang automatically provides immediate indicant of hostile fire or sniper onslaughts and localizes the taw ‘s place, leting rapid, informed and co-ordinated response. The system can be installed on an single vehicle ( manned or unmanned ) , at a checkpoint, or be scaled up for full margin security of a forward runing base. The ability to place seditious firing locations rapidly eliminates random patrol deployments and exposure to unknown hostile fire. ( Figure ) [ 58 ] .

The inactive installing kit is contained in a man-portable bundle, supplying rapid installing in impermanent or fixed sites. It is equipped with interfacing, to enable interoperability with distant arm Stationss and EO/IR detectors presently fielded in theatre. Furthermore, several Boomerang detectors can be integrated and networked, to supply better and more precise coverage of fixed sites. Gunshot qui vives can be integrated and presented into situational consciousness images, such as the Blue Force Tracking. Acoustic processing is non the lone solution for gunshot sensing. Gunshot signature can be identified, located and processed even faster utilizing electro-optical agencies. Two Israeli systems are supplying such capablenesss Rafael ‘s Spotlight M and IAI/Elta ‘s Short-Wave Infrared ( SWIR ) are sensors-based and a Transeunt Event Detection ( TED ) system, developed by a new subordinate called OptigO. They are designed to cover a broad country, triping an instant dismay and menace location when a individual shooting is fired [ 58 ] .

LASER Guided Bullet

A little quality laser-guided slug holding a self-contained counsel system is disclosed including on-board optical maser detectors and navigational circuits capable of observing a optical maser mark signature, finding the divergence of the slug from an optimal projectory along which the slug would impact a hostile mark, and bring forthing an electrical signal to piezo electric maneuvering control surfaces to consequence a alteration in the class of the slug. The guided slug utilizes a plurality of symmetrically arranged optical maser detector elements which are positioned about a longitudinal axis of the slug. The optical maser detector elements map to convey optical radiation from the optical maser mark beam to photo sensor elements housed within the slug. The electrical signals from the exposure sensor elements are so amplified and processed by semiconducting material logic circuits to bring forth the maps required by the maneuvering control surfaces to interpret the slug to the optimal flight. Electrical power for the counsel system is provided by a illumination Li polymer battery which is interconnected with the navigational circuits to bring forth the maps of the system. The guided slug is fired from a preciseness, smooth bore weapon utilizing a conventional spread outing gas cartridge and is effectual at ranges up to 3,000 metres and beyond. A slug counsel system for steering an in-flight slug along an optimal flight along which said slug would impact a optical maser identified mark, said system comprising: optical maser beam observing agencies contained within said slug and being capable of having optical maser beam energy reflected from said mark and converting said energy to electrical urges ; logic circuit agencies contained within said slug holding agencies in this responsive to acknowledge of said urges for finding the divergence of said slug from said optimal flight and for bring forthing disciplinary signals in response to said urges ; maneuvering control means holding agencies in this responsive to said disciplinary signals in a mode to trip said maneuvering control means so as to debar air flow about said slug, said control means including at least deployable flap means being externally extensile from said slug to debar air flow about said slug to leave a correctional impulse to interpret said slug to said optimal flight, said slug being fired from a preciseness, smooth-bored arm thereby non leaving axial spin to said slug in the mode of a rifle ; and power supply agencies contained within said slug being inter connectable to said logic circuit and said maneuvering control means to supply sufficient electrical power to bring forth the maps required by said system [ 59 ] .

6.3 Next-Generation Can’t-Miss Snipers

Snipers are already lifelessly accurate, nailing marks from a 1000 metres off and more.A But a heavy crosswind can throw off even the surest shot.A This is why the armed forces has started a largely-secret, crash plan to construct optical maser gun sights that compensate for the environment giving snipers deadly preciseness at 2000 metres range, in winds up to 40 stat mis per hour.A If it works out as planned, Defense Department research workers think the Scopess will hike a sniper ‘s kill-rate by tenfold, or more, and allow snipers prosecute and draw the trigger in less than one second. Today, the bureau notes, a 10mph air current could bring forth a miss even at 400 metres while in other instances the divergence could be much worse, transcending 3 metres at 1200 metres range. The first method ( to grossly, grossly oversimplify ) , is to hit out a series of 1000s of optical maser pulsations, making a profile of the Eddies in the local ambiance as the light bouncinesss back.A The 2nd involves utilizing use a high-velocity camera to take an image of the target.A The Eddies distort the stage of the visible radiation in that picture.A The range, through a series of algorithms, can take those into history for the sniper squad. Algorithms for the 2nd attack have already been developed and field tested at University of Maryland ‘s Intelligent Optics Laboratory, Pentagon paperss show, assisting mark objects 2300 metres off [ 60 ] .

Super Sniper: Next War ‘s Secret Weapon

It ‘s likely non the game changing, secret arm of the war. But it could assist win the following 1: a stealing sniper range for unseeable assassination.A Battles are progressively about taking out a few choice enemies, non big Numberss of enemies. Such device allows you to turn up, mark and kill a topic. Heat haze normally throws off snipers. But SRVS changes heat haze from an obstructor into a agency of heightening the position. An consequence called turbulency induced micro lensing agencies that every blink of an eye the heated air acts as a series of lenses ; at a given minute you may be able to look right through them and see a exaggerated position of the scene beyond. The fast one is to utilize digital engineering to place the lucky parts or lucky frames when a clear position appears and piece them into a complete image. The terminal consequence is a portable device 35 centimetres long and weighing two kg with an unprecedented capableness. This sniper range can crush the ‘diffraction bound, ‘ which defines the best that any other optical device can make in conditions of terrible heat haze, no lupus erythematosus. Specifically, the SRVS will be good plenty to positively ID persons at sniping scope:

a. With an aperture non to transcend 6 centimeters, demonstrate that full graduated table facial images run intoing ANSI INCITS 385-2004 can be right identified by trained perceivers ( 90 % right designation ) at a distance of 1 kilometers ( stand foring a 3x betterment over current public presentation ) .

B. Show better-than-diffraction-limited super-resolution imagination at a velocity of non less than 1 Hz where human topics traveling at 1 m/s can be right identified by trained perceivers ( 90 % right designation ) at a distance of 1 kilometers.

The skittish facet of the SRVS is that even if the mark is looking right at you, they wo n’t see a thing because of the heat haze. A sniper utilizing one of these will be a genuinely unseeable bravo, with the ideal engineering for picking off high-value marks. The paradigm is supposed to be ready for early 2011, with finished units being delivered to Special Operations units in 2011 terminal. There are presently a figure of anti-sniper systems ( a.k.a. sniper sensing systems, a.k.a. gunshot sensing systems ) that have been designed and developed for usage by military foot forces [ 61 ] .


Sniper is the term of excellence in the Army. Howitzers accurately fire in surplus of 28 kilometres, armored combat vehicles kill out to four kilometres, choppers gunship missiles kill out to eight kilometres. The maximal scope of foot little weaponries battles, nevertheless, has shrunk significantly over the past century. Some of the standard foot rifles of World Wars I and II had sights that ranged out to more than 2,000 paces ( 1800 metres ) , and foot soldiers trained to prosecute country marks even out to those scopes. But with the acceptance of the smaller quality, higher speed.223 bullets as the foot criterion for many states, the maximal preparation and therefore effectual scope of foot little weaponries has dropped off to 300 metres or less. Such promotions can give metempsychosis to new definition of Sniper which will alter the whole mentality, and remainder will be HISTORY. Such sniper will able to observe, blow the mark good beyond 3000 metre scope and will be most effectual in antagonistic terrorist act. Thus we can forestall another 26/11- Mumbai onslaughts and salvage life of inexperienced persons.

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