COM 412: Theory of Motivated Information Management

Scope conditions
1. this model only applies to interpersonal contexts/channels
2. the model only consider active information management (not unintentional)
3. the model recognizes humans as having bounded rationality
4. the model is applied in contexts that are important to the information seeker
3 phases of info management
1. interpretation
2. evaluation
3. decision
Interpretation Phase: uncertainty discrepancy
-involves an individual recognizing a discrepancy in his/her level of uncertainty about something

-frames the process as starting with individuals becoming aware that they want either more or less uncertainty about a given topic

Evaluation phase
-2 components:
1. outcome assessments (3 parts) and efficacy assessments

-outcome expectancy
-deal with individuals’ assessments of the benefits and costs of a particular information-seeking strategy

-outcome importance
-deals with the importance of a specific outcome for the self and/or the relationship. How big of a deal?

-outcome probability
-the perceived likelihood that an action will result in the OEs. Is it going to happen?

Efficacy Assessments:
-refers to an individual’s perception of his/her ability to successfully perform a behavior or produce an outcome

-coping efficacy: do i think i have the support i will need to manage the process if i seek this info?

communication efficacy and target efficacy
Communication Efficacy:
-do i think i have the skills to complete the communication tasks related to this exchange?

Target Efficacy:
-broken further into target ability and target honesty: these represent the belief that the information target is able and willing to provide complete information

Decision Phase
-3 general strategies for individuals motivated to manage uncertainty-related anxiety:

1. seek relevant information

2. avoid relevant information (active v passive avoidance)

3. cognitive reappraisal (actually shifting one’s anxiety)

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