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A visionary is the person who carries out the action of creation without being afraid of experiencing failures. As the first step to become a visionary in my area, weight-loss industry , I have spent my days as a passionate writer in the fields of self-motivation and weight loss for the past five years, using burning desire for health to motivate others to lose weight and return to self-confidence and positive attitude in their lives. Therefore, I have focused on researching contemporary health, especially obesity issues in North America and the difference between Western and Eastern dietary styles.

As I have recently written my first self-motivation book called ‘the Kimchi Diet’, which will be published shortly in the month of May, I am truly confident that the Columbia MBA degree focused on Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Management program will better prepared me to face today’s rapid and complex healthcare battlefield with practical approach. The followings are four crucial factors how MBA in Columbia Business School will train me to as a prepared visionary. First of all , Mr.

Glenn Hubbard mentioned that new opportunities represent nondestructive creation of new ideas and markets.

Columbia Business School provides Entrepreneurial Greenhouse Program, which I am intending to participate with my ongoing business plan. By doing so, I’ll be able to hone my entrepreneurial skills and highly prepare to face the real business battlefield in advanced . Furthermore, diverse experiential learning methods throughout case analysis, class discussions, and internship opportunities will deepen my knowledge on seizing new opportunities in the real business world, as well as becoming a strategic thinker on developing a global infrastructure for my company.

Secondly, the location of Columbia Business School is in New York City, the heart of Healthcare industry as well as cultural capital. This alone, will enhance unrivaled access to professional resources, where I will be able to tackle an array of health care problems and crystallize my understanding of the structural forces that shape a real business world. Thirdly, a well-prepared workforce is the key to support an organization’s value creating processes. This is what differentiates a success and failure in business.

Peter Drucker said, “The most valuable asset of a 21st century institution will be its knowledge workers and their productivity.

(Drucker 1999). I am confident that when I join the Columbia Business School, especially the program of Social Intelligence, it will sharpen my decision-making and human resource management skills, which will help building the culture of the business. Lastly, for the past two years, I have live my life based on the “Death-Ground” principle.

It stands for aggressive and well-disciplined warriors, and has developed my leadership potential to the utmost by working at the Copywriting Secret LLC and preparing to publish my first book simultaneously.

At this moment, I am determined to further extend my leadership capabilities for the 21st century with many different intelligent individuals at Columbia University, and I am confident that this will enhance my passion further for the weight-loss industry.

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