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In Colombia the population is34,942,767people,the highest point in Colombia is in Cristobal Colon it is 18,947ft. tall the lowest point is at sealevel along the coasts. The main river systems are the Oninoco and the Amazon The main mountain range is the Andes The climate is largely tropical the temperature is usually around 74 degrees on the mountain at above 15,000 snow and ice are perpetual 12,000 ft. 50 degrees at 7,000 ft. it is 64 degrees at 3,000 ft. it is 57 degrees to 52 degrees. rain fall is the heaviest in the Andes and on the west coast. the distinguishing topographical feature of Colombia is the Andes,the Andes comprise three principal and parallel ranges: the eastern codillera,the central cordillera,and the western cordillera.On the Caribean coast is the isolated mountain mass known as the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta,the highest peak is 5800 m above sea level.

The central cordillera contains the volcanos known as the Huila and the Tomlima the central cordillera also desends to the marshy jungles.The southern portions regions are called Selvas they are drained by the caqueta and the Amazon rivers.natural resources are coffee,allovial fertile soil {Colombia contains several fertile low lying valleys,but

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only about 5% of the country`s land area,chiefly at higher elevations,is cultivated.Soil exhaustion and erosion,largely the result of primitive slash burning\farming methods,are problems in argricultural regions},salt,oil,gold,fine timber hardwoods rice,cacao,tobacco,bananas,beans,maize sugar,illegal drugs is the 2nd most highest export crop,textiles chemicals,silver,plantium,copper,bauxite,iron ore,phosphates,uranium,leather,books,and emeralds.

Colombia,republic in South America,situated in the northwetsern part of the continent,and bounded on the north by Panama and the Caribean sea,on the east by Venezuala and Brazil,on the south by Peru and Ecuador,and on the west by the pacific ocean.Colombia is the only country of the south America with coasts on both the Caribean sea and the pacific ocean.The total land are of the country is 1,141, The largest city is also the capital Bogota.

Coffee is the principal crop, other principal crop are sugarcane, rice, bananas, tobacco, and cotton. Other crops include cerealgrains, veg, fruits and flowers. Plants produced are pita,sisal and hemp fibers. Flora,fuana,mangrooves,cocanut palms grow along the coast and the forest regions. Useful trees like mahogany, lignum, vitee,oak,walnut,ceder,pine,and balsam.

Colombia has many hydroelectric installations,electricity producing capacity was some 7.3 million kilowatts,annual output,35.4 billion kilowatt-hours. 829 pesos equal u.s. $1;1994 the Bank of the Republic is the sole bank,the more than 25 commercial banking institutions. Colombia has approximately 3235 km,operated railroad track,roads total about 108,220km,air transport,is now served by domestic and international airlines,the main seaports are Buenaventura,Tumaco,Santa Marta,Barranquilla,and Cartagena. Nearly 8.5billion;about 29 percent is engaged in agriculture,forestry,and fishing 13%

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