College Inc Essay

After watching the documental College Inc. I have come to the realisation that colleges are non at all as they seem. Many colleges are a for-profit college which is establishments being operated by profit-seeking concern. This picture was reasonably much about for-profit schools tuition being more than community college tuition. It was besides about the lengths that for-profit schools will travel to acquire as many people to inscribe at that place and acquire the financess necessary to maintain the college alive.

The picture besides included the many for-profit colleges had so many people enroll and knew that. they were haling childs and concern executives to put in at that place college. One thing I found really interesting was the fact that they are bear downing people more to take online categories. so to really be in a category. I besides found it interesting that most pupils are really taking online categories which is a good thought particularly. if they can non take existent categories or if they have a occupation that that takes up at that place clip during the day/night.

A 2nd fact or observation I found interesting was this has been traveling on for how long and they are merely now stating people about it. These net income schools are merely gaining money. but the section of instruction is eventually seeing what is traveling on with colleges. The government’s function in this cozenage is that they are cognizant of what’s traveling on but are non truly making anything. other than giving the colleges money to remain afloat. The colleges are in fright of losing there grants/funds because the section doesn’t see a growing in instruction and people happening occupations after they graduate.

The colleges are stating childs what they want to hear. if you apply to so and so you will acquire tour sheepskin in no-time and happen a occupation shortly after. They manner colleges are run like a concern is the manner people advertise and say what they can learn/ earn from the concern they are in. What involvements me as a concern jurisprudence pupil was that its in authorship colleges have to make anything to acquire pupils to subscribe up and acquire started with categories. I do understand that for-profit colleges are seting force per unit area on there employees to acquire as many pupils enrolled in there school. or else they are the 1s that are losing in the terminal.

Another involvement to me is that community colleges are really underrated. many people go to community college because they are non certain what they want to make in life or. they are working to supply for there households and themselves. Most community colleges are under funded so the outlooks of the school are lifting and the financess are traveling down each twelvemonth. taking to execute with limited resources. One other involvement to me is the fact that the colleges paint a image perfect life when you get your sheepskin. but they do non state you the tremendous debt they leave you in when your done with there college.

On the other manus I do believe that people should cognize what they are in for when subscribing up to a for-profit college. your are paying an arm and a leg for an instruction and so you are in debt for many old ages. In my sentiment I believe in traveling to a community college is a good pick for at least a twelvemonth or two. I believe this because if you don’t cognize what you want to make or you want to remain near to place. you can make that with a community college.

You save a little more by traveling to a community college particularly if you are seeking to travel parttime because you work. you can travel to school but besides salvage money incase you want to travel to a four-year college. In shutting after sing the documental College Inc. I have come to the decision that colleges are non as they seem. They will state anything to acquire pupils to inscribe and so go forth them to dry when they can non acquire a occupation after they graduate. and left with over a thousand dollars in debt.

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