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In the days before the Internet, and digital media, If an organization wanted to propose a merger or open offices In different locations, it would require numerous telephone and conference calls coupled with regular travel to check out the site or meet with other business managers to discuss plans and implement changes. Not only was this way of business expensive as companies paid for travel, car rentals and hotels, It also meant many hours of missed time in the office and if the employee had a family, that meant lost family time as well.

The way we do business has changed drastically thanks to the introduction of the Internet and the subsequent growth of technology. Organizations are folding they can successfully work with customers In a virtual environment, and employ staff members In different geographic locations without the costly travel from one location to another that would have been a necessity twenty- five years ago. Today’s technology allow collaborative software tools such as Cauliflower to keep organizations connected to staff and customers while ultimately avian them time and money by removing the burden of travel.

An audio conferencing service, Cauliflower allows callers to dial-in via phone, Internet or even Keep, though Cauliflower recommends using Keep as a last resort as its connectivity cannot be controlled by Cauliflower and can be unpredictable. According to the Cauliflower website, the product Is easy to use, has a professional look and Is loaded with features. Their biggest benefit is that they have three different levels of security, so private or sensitive issues stay private.

Because Cauliflower allows people to gather together on a virtual platform it can be used for a variety of purposes Including meetings, webzines and even employee trainings. Managers can call a staff meeting with team members who are on opposite sides of the company. Not only are participants able to attend meetings regardless of their locations, Cauliflower also allows participants to share and view files, thus allowing proposal presentations to customer or other organizations In efforts to support collaboration efforts or even mergers.

Educational organizations can use Cauliflower to create webzines, ultimately allowing them to reach more learners as being in a brick and mortar building will no 1 OFF the corporate world for years. On Entrepreneur. Com, employee training is listed as one of the fourteen traits of a successful business, “Because we live in a world of continuous change, it’s more important than ever to implement a culture of continuous learning. For many successful owners, continual investment in training is a major contributor to success” (“What Successful Businesses Have in Common,” 006).

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