Collaborative Drug Therapy Management (CDTM)

What is the definition of CDTM?
The collection and interpretation of patient data for the purpose of initiating, modifying, and monitoring drug therapy with associated accountability and responsibility for outcomes in a direct patient care setting
Performance of clinical services b y a pharmacist relating to the review, evaluation and management of drug therapy to a patient
True or false: CDTM is performed in accordance with a written agreement or protocol
Where can CDTM be performed?
Teaching or general hospitals
Diagnostic centers
Treatment centers
Hospital outpatient department
Nursing home with an onsite pharmacy staffed by a licensed pharmacist
What is a teaching hospital defined as CDTM?
Receives direct or indirect graduate medical education payment
True or false: a pharmacist has to be employed or affiliated with the facility
What experience do pharmacists need to have in order to participated in CDTM?
1 year of clinical experience (>/= 1680 hours within one calendar year; >/= 15 hours per week) and have performed an accredited residence program or been board certified by a certification body acceptable to the department
What is the definition of “clinical experience”?
Consultation with physicians about drug therapy
What are the requirements of pharmacists in order to perform CDTM?
PharmD or MS in pharmacy
Current unrestricted license
Minimum 2 years of experience with on year must be clinical experience in health facility consulting with physicians on drug therapy
True or false: a 1 year residency may be used for the first year of the clinical experience in order to perform CDTM
What requirements satisfy the second year of clinical experience to perform CDTM?
If the first year is a residency, the second year may be satisfied if the pharmacist possesses board certification awarded by a certification body acceptable to the department
Within how many years does a pharmacist need to complete their clinical experience prior to submitting credentials for review?
3 years
What is the CDTM pharmacist requirement for those with a BS in Pharmacy?
Current unrestricted license
Within the last 7 years have one year of clinical experience consulting on drug therapy, a 2 year of clinical experience and have performed an accredited residency or been board certified by a certification body acceptable to the department
True or false: experience which qualifies a person for CDTM must be documented
True or false: physicians must be affiliated with the facility in order to participate in CDTM
True of false: a pharmacist must have a CDTM license certification
True; begins with a A or C
True or false: pharmacists can write for pain medication under CDTM
What is defined as CDTM protocol?
Adjusting or managing a drug regimen of a patient pursuant to a specific order or protocol pursuant to a specific order or protocol by that patient’s physician
What is the definition of “adjust drug regimen”?
May substitute or select a different drug which differs from initially prescribed if it is cited in the written order or protocol
Ordering lab tests if allowed in protocol for specific disease states
Performing routine patient monitoring functions as necessary
Collecting and reviewing patient histories
Ordering or checking patient vital signs
What are the documentation requirements for pharmacists practicing under CDTM?
Must immediately document in the patient’s medical record any change in drug therapy
Notify other treating physicians with who he/she does not have a written agreement
True or false: the patient’s physician may prohibit (in writing) any adjustments or change in drug therapy
True or false: patient’s have the right to refuse participation in CDTM programs
True or false: the consent, regardless of yes or no, must be documented in writing
True or false: any consent or refusal for participation in CDTM must be disclosed to the patient’s primary care doctor and any other treating physician
Is participation in CDTM mandatory?
What is the definition of an electronic medical record?
Digital version of the paper charts in the clinician’s office
Contains the medical and treatment history of the patients in one practice
What is the definition of an electronic health record?
Focus on the total health of the patient
Built to share information with other health care providers and contain information from all the clinicians in a patient’s care
What is CMM?
The process of conducting CDTM
How does CMM work?
Work in formal collaboration with physicians and other health care team members to identify and document medication related problems of concern
What do pharmacists do when conducting CDTM?
Initiate, modify, monitor, and discontinue drug therapy to resolve the identified problems
What qualifies a pharmacist to carry out CMM?
PharmD or equivalent clinical experience or training
Formal CDTM agreement with a physician or a medical group
Granted clinical privileges in the care setting
Board certifies by the board of pharmacy specialties

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