Cold War Essay Response

What was the same, and what had changed, before and after the Korean War? How was Korea divided? Which world powers supported each country?
Korea was divided straight down the middle. This division created the 38th parallel, spliting North and South Korea into separate countries. China and the Soviet Union supported North Korea. South Korea was supported by United Troops and U.S. troops. After the Korean War, America spent more money on the military and it’s products. More people were sent into war without congressional approval as well. North Korea stayed a communist nation, and South Korea became democracy. The SEATO was formed like the NATO to prevent communist spreading.

Describe how the fact that both the United States and the Soviet Union possessed atomic weapons which shaped life in the 50s of American life. What was the effect of the Cold War? How did the possibility of an atomic attack influence daily life and popular culture?
Both powerful nations, possessing dangerous atomic weapons altered society. Both nations knew they had the right weapon to do enough of the damage that they wanted. However the arms race of building atomic weapons wasn’t a smart idea. Eventually one person would go ahead and take the risk of using their weapon, which the Soviet Union did. After the cold war Americans prepared themselves for the worst. Duck and cover drills were being taught in school. There were families also building survival kits. People in America became prepared for the worst.

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