How can you make new substances from old substances?
By combining them which forms a chemical reaction.
What is a substance?
A substance is made up of one type of molecule throughout the substance.
What is a property?
properties are characteristics of substances that don’t change in the same environmental conditions
What is a chemical reaction?
When chemicals react to make a new product and those are the reactants reacting.
What are the signs of a chemical reaction?
The signs of a chemical reaction are: change in color, gas, precipitate, change in properties, or temperature change
What is a phase change?
The state of matter changes to either a liquid, solid, or gas.
What is an open system?
An open system is when molecules can leave and enter an experiment.
What is a closed system?
A closed system is when no molecules can leave or enter. The mass in a closed system does not change.
How do you figure out protons, neutrons, and electrons?
you use the mass number for the neutrons. you take away the atomic nomber from the mass number and the answer is the number of neutrons. for the electrons and the protons you just write the atomic number
Scientifis principle #1
substances are made out of one type of material/atom/molecule throughout.
Scientifis principle #2
properties are charachtoristics of substances ised to desicribe substances that do not change in the same enviornmentel conditions
Scientifis principle #3
different substances have different properties
Scientifis principle #4
mixtures are two or more sucstances within the same volume
Scientifis principle 4
mixtures are two or more sucstances within the same volume
Scientifis principle 5
a chemical reaction is a process in which substancees interact to form a new substance with properties different from the old properties. substances before and after chemical reactions are different
Scientifis principle 6
in a chemical reaction the mass of the reactants and the mass of the products are the same because the atoms rearrange and form different molecueles but are not gained or lost
Scientifis prnciple 7
in an open system when a gas is produced in a chemical reaction or phase change there will be loss of mass
Scientifis principle 8
no matter how substances interact with each other the total mass will stay the same
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