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When he goes to see a therapist, he says to her that it is his sister that made him think that he could be a cockroach. We can better comprehend that through the moment when he tells the therapist that when he was a kid he was playing . As well, through the passage I am poor, I am vermin, a bug, and I am at the bottom of the scale. But I still exist” explains to us- readers that he will be the only survival due to an ozone layer around the earth which has a whole.

So, In years that will follow, everyone will fry and only cockroaches ill survive this apocalypse.

So, for him being a cockroach at the same time as a human Is a good thing because he comforts himself by knowing everyone will die but not him. The Idea that he sees himself as a cockroach can characterizes him as not being an ordinary person. Maybe what can also make him feel as a cockroach Is the fact that he is an immigrant, who makes him feel different from others, so he will invent an imaginary other “him”. There can be a lot of hypothesis about why he feels like a cockroach, no one can really know the real reason , but it doesn’t matter, what taters is that he is different, unique and exceptional .

Secondly, the narrator is an exceptional character because he doesn’t realize the fact that stealing is bad.

He steals all the time. Since he was a kid, he started to steal back in his hometown in Iran. He steels because even though he has a bad reputation. A reputation of a thief that draws no one to trusts him. For example, when Matted tells him:” Everyone was saying that It was you who was stealing the toilet paper.

” In this quote we can observe that theft for him Is normal. Because such presumption Is wrong, It makes him an exceptional person.

In the book we can read that he steals everything from money to toilet paper. For him it is like an amusement. The protagonist does not only steal from his friend Raze, but also from his therapist.

In the book, he goes into Area’s house and starts to look for money, hash, food and coke. Basically he grabs everything he sees. In the book, the protagonist goes into his therapist’s office and steals her notes. In fact the author uses irony to demonstrate his theft. The irony is in is action of stealing something that is helpful for him.

He doesn’t differ well and bad, he acts like a child who never learned good manners. Therefore, it makes him very special and deferrable from other people of his age. Finally, he is not able to recognize the difference between love and sexual attraction. This makes him a person who doesn’t have a clear mind. To begin with, every time he sees a girl, he gets excited about It; for example in this passage Also In the story, he Likes a girl named Share, and he thinks he Is In love with her.

He wants to dance with her, swing with her.

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