Coca Cola

Coca Cola’s company overview provides the company’s mission whereby the company provides that It alms to refresh the world and Inspire moments of optimism and happiness. In Its overview, the company provides that It has more than 3500 beverages sold In more than 200 countries and the company has more than 139,600 employees (The Coca Cola Company, 2011). Anglo American company overview provides the nature of business the company operates whereby the company is involved in mining, exploration and innovation (Anglo American, n. D. ). Anglo American (n. D. Revised that the company has mining assets which are high in quality. Complementarily of operations: Complementarily In Coca Cola operations Is adequate whereby company operations are aligned to achieve business objectives. Coca Cola Is Involved in the production of beverages and operations are aligned In such a way as to enhance on qualities of each operation. In the company people and Innovation complement each other to produce new beverages thus the high number of products. Beverages are manufactured, distributed and retailed while focusing on product quality and cost.

Anglo American has a strategy employed in ensuring complementarily of operations which includes investing in world class, assets, effective and efficient organization, operating safely and sustainable, and employing the best people (Anglo American, n. D. ). World class assets and best people complement each other to ensure high output and high business performance. Equipment and components: While operating In foreign countries Coca Cola requires partners and distributors to distribute company products.