Coastal management soft engineering – blackwater estuary

Where is the black water estuary?
How much land in the estuary is being eroded per year?
0.3 – 1m
How is sea level rise worsening the problem?
Risk of flooding and South England is sinking relative to the sea
Why aren’t hard engineering schemes in the estuary used?
Too expensive to maintain
What is in place at Tollesbury fleet?
Coastal realignment after a sea wall breached in 1995, 21 hectares of farm land were flooded to encourage marshland to form
What is in place at mersea island?
Beach nourishment
What is in place at ray creek?
Marsh stabilisation by planting stakes and brushwood on water line to encourage sediment build up
What is in place at orplands?
Coastal realignment after sea wall was breached in 1995, 40 hectares of farmland were flooded
What have the schemes created?
More marshland so there is a larger habitat for wildlife
Why are schemes more sustainable in the long term?
Repair to orplands sea wall would have cost over £600,000 and only would’ve provided 20 years of protection whereas although the flooded farmland was valued at £600,000 – the marsh land is self repairing and will defend for longer

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