CNT4704 – Enterprise Network Management

A web hosting company claims that their servers are available 99.999% of time. Over a period of 50 days, how many seconds can a server be offline without dropping its availability? (accurate to one decimal place)
A network technician uses a management tool that captures the traffic on the network and decodes the packet contents into human readable information. Which tool is used?
network analyzer
A company is using a network management system to manage its IT infrastructure with satisfactory results. However, the company is acquiring another company and would like to use the current management system to manage the merged network infrastructure. A network management consultant recommends deploying a secondary set of managing servers of the same NMS. What scalability issue is addressed with this recommendation?
distribution and addressing
A network administrator is configuring the IPv6 setting of a LINUX server with Fedora Core 10. What type of management (in its narrower definition) is the administrator performing?
system management
A network analyst is working in a NOC. The analyst monitors several computer screens where problems of the network infrastructure are displayed by different colors depending on their severity. Which network management tool is in use?
alarm management system
A network management system sends a group of commands to a core router to change its configurations. The requirement of configuration change is that either all changes are carried out successfully or no change should be made. What characteristics can be used to describe this requirement?
transaction based
A large company deploys its IT infrastructure with network devices from various vendors over last ten years. The IT department of the company is considering purchasing a software system that can help manage network devices more efficiently and more effectively. Which vendor will most likely provide such software solution?
third party application vendor
A network administrator is configuring web service (IIS) on a Windows 2008 server. What type of management (in its narrower definition) is the administrator performing?
application management
Which term refers to the software component of a network element that implements a management interface and handles management communication for the network element?
The MIB always resides with the agent.
Match the terms with their description respectively: Managed Object (MO)
a management abstraction of a real resource
Match the terms with their description respectively: Real-resource
a real-world object
Match the terms with their description respectively: SNMP
a network management protocol
Match the terms with their description respectively: MIB
a conceptual data store, provided by management agent
Match the functions of units in an organization in regarding to network implementation and management: Network planning
responsible for analyzing network usage and traffic patterns
Match the functions of units in an organization in regarding to network implementation and management: Network operations
responsible for keeping the network running and monitoring the network for failures
Match the functions of units in an organization in regarding to network implementation and management: Network administration
responsible for deploying the network and services on it
Match the functions of units in an organization in regarding to network implementation and management: Customer management
responsible for interacting with the customers
Which UDP port number does an SNMP agent listen? (Just type in the numeric number.)
Which connection is considered “in-band” between a managing device and a network element?
connecting to a router via a SSH session
In the manager/agent paradigm, the manager role is analogous to the server role in the client/server paradigm.
Which advantage of using a dedicated management network provides the capability to continue communicating with network elements when the data network failures and experiences congestions?
Which is a purpose to keep historical alarm data?
To review the connectivity issues related to a customer over a period of time.
The IT department in a company uses a third party application to perform autodiscovery of their network devices to make sure they are configured correctly. Which category in the FCAPS would this application belong?
A network technician checks the report on the percentage of packets dropped on the core router. Which performance metric does this report indicate?
An ISP decides to implement a dedicated management network for its core facility. The necessary network management devices are purchased and under installation and tune-up. Which phase is it in terms of management life cycle?
Which technique can be used in dealing with potential event information overload by prioritizing and displaying critical events versus normal informational events?
alarm filtering
A network administrator of a web hosting company is assigned the duty of monitoring the border router (which is connected to the ISP) to make sure that the throughput of Internet bound traffic is within the range. Which category in the FCAPS would best fit this duty?
Which layer in the TMN reference model involves managing relationships and dependencies between network devices?
network management
A local ISP company uses an application to check the device configurations daily. It will synchronize the device configurations every midnight according to the records in the customer order system. Which approach is employed in the synchronization management?
The IT department in a company uses a third party application to check their network devices to make sure they are configured correctly. This particular application requires that the network personnel enter the IP addresses of network devices into its database. Once the IP addresses are entered, the application will automatically check the configuration of these devices periodically. Which function is provided by this application?
Which statement describes a difference between the term “throughput” and “utilization”?
Throughput is measured by an absolute number and utilization is measured by a relative number.
A network manager is using a management application to check the current number of dropped packets on the Internet connection of the core router. Which management information is used for this operation?
state information
What is the function of a schema to a MIB?
The schema provides a MIB definition.
Which statement is true about MIBs in a network device?
MIBs defined with different languages can co-exist in a device.
Which management information is considered “knobs” for network administrators to control network devices?
logical configuration information
A network device is configured to take snapshots every 5 seconds and append the data to a file. The file is retrieved every night by a network management application. What management information is retrieved?
historical information
Which language is used to define MIBs in conjunction with SNMP?
Which statement describes the major difference between a MIB and a DBMS employed in a network management application?
MIB provides an abstract view of a network device while the DBMS records the actual configuration parameters of the device.
What is MIB-2?
It is defined by IETF for use with devices that implement TCP/IP protocol stack.
Which layer do HTTP and SSH belong in a reference model of network management communication?
Which term is used to describe a manager-initiated operation that is not targeted at a particular MO but at any objects under a parent node?
In which scenario should the polling-based management be chosen instead of event-based management?
Management information is collected on the managed devices and sent to the manager once a day.
Which layer in a reference model of network management communication provides the function of fragmentation and reassembly of management protocol data units (PDUs)?
Remote Operations
A router sends a message to the manager indicating that an interface was down and thus the routing table has adjusted. Which type does this message best fit?
logging events
What is addressed by using the techniques of adding consecutive sequence numbers and providing replay capability in management events?
Which interaction is typically initiated by a managed network device?
What is a difference between polling operations and configuration operations in manager-initiated interaction?
Polling operations do not need to worry about “rollback” option while configuration operations must provide the provision.
Which SNMP operation on a router supports the sending of an unexpected event to a manager?
Which operation is supported in SNMPv2 but not in SNMPv1?
A network administrator wants to change the current sysContact information on a server. Which SNMP operation will support the MIB information change?
Set Request
Which language does Netconf use as encoding for its management operations?
What is the most important reason CLI is hard to use for management applications?
CLI commands do not have a standard output format.
Which SNMP version started to offer security feature of management message encryption?
Which statement describes a “circular log file” in a syslog deployment?
When the end of the log file is reached, logging of subsequent messages starts again from the beginning.
Which SNMP operation is used by an agent to send a message to a manager in response to a request?

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