CMP1 3.1 TestBank Questions for Computer Programming I Obj 3.1

Question Answer
Amy is writing a program to prompt the user for his/her birth date. What will she use to include the prompt on her form? Label
Which button would be clicked before Start in order to run an application using the menu bar? Debug
Which control is used to get written input from the user? TextBox
John is writing a program to add two numbers together. Which control should he use to allow the user to input the numbers into the program? TextBox
Which saves a solution to a disk? Select File, then Save All and use the Browse button to select the appropriate location for the project.
Maggie is programming an ice cream application and has four different toppings: sprinkles, peanuts, almonds, and cherries. Which control would allow the user to choose any or none of the toppings? Checkbox
Which window displays the application interface and allows objects to be added, deleted, or resized? The Design window
Angie is programming an application where the user needs to select their age from five different choices. Which control is best to contain the choices? Group Box

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