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After opening a report from a patient's previous provider, what is the medical administrative assistant's next step? Give the report to the current provider for review.
What is the purpose of the encounter form? To save time and improve accuracy in data entry.
A MAA instructs a patient to arrive on Monday at 9:00 a.m. for cast removal because the provider is only available on Monday morning for that procedure. What method of scheduling is the assistant using? Clustering
Swallow Phag
A patient has a diagnosis of hypertension. What describes hypertension? High blood pressure
A MAA should take what action to be in compliance with OSHA? Participate in training concerning infection control
When a MAA communicates information that contains PHI, what is appropriate? Letter?
Microsoft Excel is an example of what type of program? Spreadsheet application
At what times should the MAA pull a patient's daily chart? The evening before the patient's appointment
A provider's office receives a remittance advice showing a denial code. The MAA creates a formal written request for review of the rejected claim. The assistant should use what format? Claim appeal

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