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Is there central heating, modern plumbing, air conditioning? Open space: Is the county primarily rural, suburban, urban or a mix? How much open space is there? What is the quality of the space-?green parks or rubble-filled lots? What is the lot size of the houses? Lawns? Flower boxes? Do you see trees on the streets or a green island in the center of the streets? Is the open space public or private? Used by whom? Boundaries: What signs are there of where neighborhoods begin and end? Are the boundaries natural-?a river, a different terrain; physical-?a highway, railroad; economic-?difference in real estate or presence of industrial or commercial units along with residential?

Do the neighborhoods have an identity, a name? Do you see them displayed? Are there unofficial names? “Commons”: What are the neighborhood hangouts? Area for what groups? At what hours? For example: schoolyard, convenience store, bar, restaurant, park, 24-hour drugstore? Do the “commons” areas have a sense of “territoriality,” or are they open to the stranger? Transportation: How do people get in and out of the neighborhoods-?car, bus, bike, walk? Are the streets and roads conducive to good transportation and bicycle use and also to community life? Are there

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major highways through the county? Who do they serve? How frequently is public transportation available?

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