Clinical Chemistry

postmortem dx of diabetes mellitus


hepatic glycogenolysis–> increase Glucserum

HgbA1c,glycosuria, ketonuria, acetonserum

postmortem diabetic ketoacitosis

Dx test?

high vitreous Gluc & ketones

postmortem glycolysis in vitreous fluid

=> decrease [Gluc]vitreous

Postmortem dx of hypoglycemia
Cannot reliably diagnosed–> postmortem

Postmortem levels of

BUN and creatinine

stable–> dx: renal insufficiency

Nitrogen retention & hypernatremia–>dehydration


Sodium, chloride & potassium


[Na+]v & [Cl]v –> stable

[K+]v–>rises linearly–>postmortem interval

[K+]v nml= 15mEq/L

Postmortem digoxin levels

Digoxin toxicity

Cannot dx digoxin toxi based only on p/m digoxin levels Lipotrophic drug –>p/m –>reenters serum

Volume overload,hepatorenal failure,pregnancy,hypertension,nl infants –> endogenous digoxin like substances


[Tryptase]serum = normal


high negative predictive value for anaphylaxis

Stable in serum for several days

if elevated –> nonspecific in anaphylactic deaths

Postmortem levels of

[K+]CSF & [K+]serum

Rise abruptly


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