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1. What is CLIL? What are the advantages it offers? Is it applicable to your educational centre?

Thankss for your CLIL station. I’m presently making my PhD in CLIL. peculiarly looking at stuffs development for foreign linguistic communication contexts. It’s non easily to speak approximately CLIL as there are so many theoretical accounts. Besides. there are no formulas or how-to books ( and there shouldn’t be either given the importance of context in CLIL methodological analysis ) . As respects stuffs development. it?s non an easy undertaking but by holding instructors developing stuffs together for each specific context we can get the better of the trouble that international editions find when trying to bring forth stuffs for a broad market. After all. we need to bear in head that CLIL needs to somehow reflect the school course of study. How can an international text edition reflect that given variables such as students’ age. cogntive degree. linguistic communication proficiency. school topics. among others?

1. Content and Language Integrated Learning ( CLIL ) has become the umbrella term depicting both larning another ( content ) topic such as natural philosophies or geographics through the medium of a foreign linguistic communication and larning a foreign linguistic communication by analyzing a content-based topic. In ELT. signifiers of CLIL have antecedently been known as ‘Content-based instruction’ . ‘English across the curriculum’ and ‘Bilingual education’ . 2. CLIL’s advantages are:

* Introduce the wider cultural context
* Prepare for internationalization
* Access International Certification and heighten the school profile
* Improve overall and specific linguistic communication competency
* Prepare for future surveies and / or working life
* Develop multilingual involvements and attitudes
* Diversify methods & A ; signifiers of schoolroom instruction and acquisition
* Increase scholar motive.

3. Absolutely. as your academic centre does with the “Advanced Specialization Program” which offers the debut to Management. Selling and Tourism in English. mine is involved in the instruction of Legal English designed with the purpose of spread outing the scope of subjects and content and at the same time prepare participants to take the Test of English for the International Legal Legal Ingles Certificate ( ILEC ) Cambridge. run by Catholic LANGUAGES. Respects.

Lucio Alejo

2. Read the stuff and make some research on the net and suggest how CLIL can be used at your centre. As I mentioned in the first inquiry. most academic centres here in Lima offers classs in English e. g. English for professional success. English for the humanistic disciplines. English for Health scientific disciplines. English for scientific discipline and technology. English for Business and so on. nevertheless these are ESP classs in most of the instances ( 3-4 months ) which last for a short period of clip in comparing to the CLIL classs which last the whole topic ( 3-5 old ages depending on the submergence of it ) .

Therefore. in order to do the most out of CLIL we ( the academic centre I work for ) have to take into history a myriad of factors. viz. : instructor preparation. cognitive burden. happening CLIL stuffs. instructors need to cognize how to work stuffs to the fullest otherwise CLIL will miss of effectivity. In this province. It is a hardworking occupation to make which may take plentifulness of clip. On the other manus. if we take a closer expression at the top schools here in Lima e. g. “Franklin Delano Roosevelt school” which is an American school. we can see that a different world appears. This Amercian school does non merely provide pupils with content in English but besides they focus on the development of the whole kid as in enquirer through the PYP plans ( Primary Years Program ) Regards.

Lucio Alejo

Colegio Franklin Delano Roosevelt. the American School of Lima. is an independent. International Baccalaureate World School. supplying a college preparatory plan in English for pupils from age 3 through class 12. The International Baccalaureate Primary Years Program ( PYP ) . for pupils ages 3-11. focal points on the development of the whole kid as in enquirer. both in the schoolroom and in the universe outside. Students in the twenty-first century are faced with the challenge of larning about an interrelated universe where cognition is invariably developing and altering. The PYP prepares pupils to be active participants in a womb-to-tomb journey of acquisition.

During classs 6-10. pupils advancement through the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program ( MYP ) . which provides a model of academic challenge that encourages pupils to encompass and understand the connexions between traditional topics and the existent universe and go critical and brooding minds. The overall doctrine of the plans is based on the constructs of intercultural consciousness. holistic acquisition and communicating.

MYP pupils are required to analyze two linguistic communications. humanistic disciplines. scientific disciplines. mathematics. acting and ocular humanistic disciplines. physical instruction and engineering. Students in classs 11 and 12 registry for the International Baccalaureate ( IB ) Diploma Program ( DP ) . the IB Certificate and/or the Official Peruvian Program. Students progress through a ambitious course of study that prepares them for university. Students are encouraged to inquire ambitious inquiries. develop a strong sense of their ain individuality and civilization. develop the ability to pass on with and understand people from other states and civilizations. and to larn how to larn.

3. Share the utile links you have found in your research and state the remainder why you think the site is of import.

hypertext transfer protocol: //www. edheads. org/activities/simple-machines/index. shtml

Interesting and synergistic games for kids through CLIL undertakings. It includes a teacher’s usher every bit good so that you are provided with a myriad of thoughts to take from.

hypertext transfer protocol: //clil. wordpress. com/

Outstanding web page which provides you with a broad assortment of methodological analysis tips and beginnings that you can take into history in your twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours categories.

hypertext transfer protocol: //www. pearsonlongman. com/primaryplace/pdf/clilmonograph. pdf

A web page that you need to look into out. Valuable information on CLIL taken from a different position hosted by Diane Pinkley

hypertext transfer protocol: //www. deltapublishing. co. uk/content/pdf/the-clil-resource-pack/CLIL_Contents. pdf interesting book

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